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Dental crown cost certainly won’t put you off these days!

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It’s never been easier to treat damaged or discoloured teeth. Here’s how. 

We get to meet a lot of people each day here in MyDental, and the topics of conversation can be very wide-ranging. So much so, in fact, that we thought that we had heard it all.


Not so, however. We had a conversation last week that we very definitely had never experienced before. Here’s how it played out. And incidentally, we’re telling the story with the full permission of the person involved, but have changed the names in the interest of privacy and confidentiality.


A woman called ‘Ann’ dropped in for a consultation, but when we asked her to ‘open wide’, she calmly explained that she wasn’t the one in need of treatment. Her husband, ‘Michael’ is also a patient of ours, and has a few challenges with his front upper teeth.


We had mooted the idea of porcelain crowns in the past, but Michael wasn’t in a position to take on the financial commitment at the time. And that’s why Ann was in the surgery. She wanted to buy the crowns for Michael as a Christmas gift, and asked us to produce a voucher on our letterhead for “One Great Smile’.

She gave us her credit card details, with the strict instructions that the dental crown cost was to be taken from this account – no matter how much Michael argued to the contrary.

We thought that it was an absolutely brilliant idea for a Christmas present, and we’d love to be there on Christmas morning when Michael opens the envelope with the details inside. We can’t wait to see him in our surgery in the New Year and to find out what he thought of the ideas – but we’re sure he’ll be over the moon.

And now that we’ve blogged about this wonderful idea, maybe some of our readers will gain inspiration from it and decide to give the gift of a smile to their nearest and dearest. We can’t think of anything, offhand, that would get a better reception or would be a more welcome gift.

When we eventually meet up with Michael (and his voucher), we’ll have a quick examination of the teeth that need to be crowned, and then lay out a schedule for carrying out the treatment.

In the case of Michael, there’s actual damage to three of his upper front teeth, but for other people, they may opt for crowns to sort the problem of severe discolouration. This can come from things like drinking too much red wine – or even being a heavy tea drinker. Smoking, of course, is another way of taking the natural white hue off your teeth.

Dental crown treatment is highly effective in sorting these problems, and will leave Michael with fully functioning teeth, albeit with a protective and fully restored ‘crown’ placed over them.

While Michael is having his treatment paid for by his loving wife, other clients will have to pay for their own treatment. But no worries – the typical dental crown cost has tumbled significantly in recent times in response to greater streamlining in modern dental surgeries.

And if you’re looking for a solution in crown dental Dublin is the home of lots of great dentists – including our good selves here at MyDental.

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