Teeth crowns continue to offer exceptional value.

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Don’t put up with a discoloured or damaged tooth. Look to crown it instead. Here’s the full lowdown. 

If you have ever heard the saying "May you live in interesting times", this is an English expression of what is believed to be a traditional Chinese curse. While it's ostensibly a blessing, it is always used in an ironic sense. The implication is that ‘uninteresting times’ which involve peace and prosperity are more life-enhancing than interesting ones – usually involving war and conflict.


As to where the world is at present on the interesting/uninteresting scale, you'd have to say that we live in very, very interesting times indeed. Take last week, for example. ‘The Donald’ continued to cause controversy, even though he won't be sworn in as President of the U.S. for a number of weeks. His ongoing spat with Alec Baldwin, who plays Trump on those fantastic Saturday Night Live sketches, are hardly the stuff of a statesman.

And here in Ireland, the times we live in are equally interesting. Believe it or not, we actually faced up to the All Blacks on Saturday believing that we could beat them. Now that’s an interesting new development for sure!

And as if that wasn’t enough, a half dozen nibs of snow almost brought the country to a halt, with long queues of traffic building up on our main roads simply because a spot of white had been seen.

Thankfully, however, these interesting times are counterpointed by some reassuringly dull and uninteresting events. The debate over water charges continues to rumble on, Danny Healy-Rae continues to educate us on the nature of climate change, and the Catholic church continues to lecture us about sexual morality and other things they know nothing about.

And nearer to home, in the world of dentistry, there is the boring and uninteresting reassurance that no matter what issues you may be facing in terms of having a premium-quality smile, the dental profession can deliver for you in spades.

This thought springs to mind because we have had an unusually large spate of patients in our surgery of late who have been in need of teeth crowns – a decidedly uninteresting but highly practical and successful way of restoring a tooth that is either damaged or discoloured.

The treatment has been around for generations, but it is showing no sign of slowing down in popularity. This is partially down to how well it works, but also owes much to affordability.

The fact of the matter is that tooth crown prices have dropped very substantially over recent years, mostly because modern surgeries like MyDental have become very streamlines, and can pass on the savings brought about by greater efficiency to our patients.

They can choose from zirconium crowns at the top of the range to more affordable porcelain crowns, which can cost as little as €350 each. When you consider the impact that this makes on your smile, we think you’ll agree that this is money very well spent.

If you're in the market for tooth crowns right now, but would like to read a little more before committing, may we suggest the following article - http://www.knowyourteeth.com/infobites/abc/article/?abc=C&iid=301&aid=1204