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What you need to really know about root canal procedure.

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A root canal is not painful – either to your mouth or to your pocket. Here’s the full lowdown.

At some stage over the recent Christmas holidays, we were watching a review of the great sporting moments of 2015 – one of those great compilation programmes that remind us of how many great memories that sport can give us.

One of the highlights, of course, was the great win by Ireland’s rugby team against France in the World Cup, despite the fact that we lost two or our most important players, Jonny Sexton and Paul O’Connell, during the game.

Our attention was caught, in particular, by the injury to Paul. The man obviously has a monstrously high pain threshold, and when he comes off the field of play, it’s usually on a stretcher. He’s simply not prepared to come off if he can still walk.

Paul’s injury involved his hamstring, which was stripped right off the bone in a bizarre and accidental incident. And as soon as it happened, we all knew that it was the end of the road as the look of excruciating pain on his face told us everything we needed to know.

And this got us thinking about the nature of pain – and why not all pain is crated equally. Most of us can put up with a dull, throbbing pain, but a sharp intense pain can simply bring us to a standstill. And in describing pain, we tend to have a number of ‘shorthand’ terms to sum up how much we’re hurting.

In common parlance, the pain associated with a root canal procedure is deemed to be one of the most painful experiences of all.  But guess what – this is complete and utter nonsense. We have no idea where this rubbish came from, but it certainly didn't come from someone who’d actually undergone the treatment.


So what's the real story?

Let’s start from the beginning and have a look at what’s involved in a root canal – and why it's simply no big deal. We should all be thankful for the existence of root canals, because they can save a tooth that would otherwise be heading for extraction.

One possible reason for assuming that root canals are painful is the fact that it's a relatively lengthy process. Typically, you’ll have to pay two visits to your dentist, and you’ll be in the chair for around an hour each time. But duration is not the same as pain – and remember that you’ll be fully anaesthetised throughout the entire procedure.

 And remember, too, that this is a relatively inexpensive way to save a tooth. When it comes to root canal cost Ireland is a great place to have your treatment, as the process has become very streamlined over recent years.

And here at MyDental, there’s another benefit in that you can spread the cost over three months, six months or nine months – thanks to our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

The only real pain that you might expect is some mild discomfort over the day or two following the procedure. This is totally normal when somebody has been ‘poking about’ in your mouth for a couple of hours.

Also, bear in mind that your financial outlay should be considered in the light of a treatment that can save a tooth permanently. So if you're worried about root canal treatment cost Ireland is simply as good a place as anywhere in the world to get great value for money.


Want to know more?

Here’s a very informative article – courtesy of the American Association of Endodontists - http://www.aae.org/patients/treatments-and-procedures/root-canals/root-canals.aspx