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The restorative power of a root canal.

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You’ve nothing to fear from a root canal – except a perfectly functioning tooth! Here’s the full story.

If you’ve ever been in a dentist’s office and browsed through the list of qualifications after his name, chances are that you’ll have come across the term ‘endodontic’. This is the term we use to describe the root canal process.

The word endodontic is actually made up of two Greek words - one meaning ‘inside’ and one meaning ‘tooth’. And in case you might think that this is a relatively modern phenomenon, you might be surprised to hear that, as far back as the second or third century B.C., a skull was found in Israel with a section of bronze wire in one of the teeth. Scientists believe that this may have been a very early form of treating infected pulp.

Just a few hundred years later, around the first century A.D., there is clear evidence that early endodontics was being practiced to drain the root canal, thus relieving pressure and pain.

Over the next few centuries, increased understanding of dental science saw dentists removing pulp - or covering it with substances as diverse as gold foil or asbestos.

The big leap forward, however, came with the introduction of X-rays in the early 1900’s. Suddenly, it was possible to save teeth that might otherwise have been heading for extraction. And this is the key point that we’d urge you to remember.

Despite those rubbish scare stories, you might have heard about root canals, the bottom lien is that it is a way of preserving your full complement of teeth, so surely it's time that we gave a root canal procedure the respect it deserves?

One of the likely reasons why misconceptions may have arisen about root canals is that it's a relatively lengthy process. Typically, it involves two visits to the dentist, each of around an hour’s duration. But although the work is time-consuming, it's not especially painful. And remember that you're fully anaesthetized throughout the entire procedure, so why worry about pain? It’s just not going to happen!

You may also have wrongly heard that it's an expensive procedure. Again, this is something of an urban myth. The truth is that when it comes to root canal cost Ireland is a very cost-effective place to have your treatment carried out. And even better, here at MyDental, you can choose to spread costs over three months, six months or nine months, thanks to our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

So don't be overly concerned about cost – especially when you consider that you're investing in a tooth that will hopefully last you for the rest of your life.

The big thing to remember is that if you’re concerned about root canal treatment cost Ireland is a much cheaper option than setting off on the so-called dental tourism route, where the real cost of treatment is way higher than the advertised rate, when you factor in your travelling and accommodation costs.

If you'd like to read up some more on this topic, why not head over to the sire of the American Association of Endodontists to hear what they have to say - http://www.aae.org/patients/treatments-and-procedures/root-canals/root-canals.aspx