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Root canal cost shouldn't put you off.

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A root canal has the power to save a tooth that’s otherwise heading for extraction, Here’s how.

On our never-ending quest for interesting and intriguing facts to fill our daily blog, we were delighted recently when we came upon the tale of Mark Spitz, one of the greatest ever Olympians and a swimmer who took home no less than seven gold medals from 1972 Olympic Games.

Most sports enthusiasts will already know this, but what they may not know is that Spitz had been accepted into dental school, but decided to pursue his Olympic dream instead. We hope that his haul of gold medals suitably compensated him for the fulfilment of healing patients every day of his working life.

Because here’s the thing – you simply couldn’t work in dentistry or any other field of medicine without being ‘turned on’ by the sheer satisfaction of solving a problem for a patient and seeing them walk out of the surgery with a smile on their face and a spring in their step.

And nowhere is this more obvious than in a situation where we save a tooth that was otherwise heading for extraction. We’re referring, in particular, about root canal treatment, which is one of the greatest unsung heroes of the dental world.

We know that it has the reputation of being an uncomfortable procedure, but quite simply, this is poppycock. Perhaps the unhelpful myth about root canals grew up because it's a relatively lengthy process. There’s quite a bit of work for your dentist to do, and it will normally take place over two visits of an hour each.

But remember that you will be fully anaesthetised throughout the entire procedure, so you simply won't feel anything that’s going on inside your mouth.

Your dentist will normally recommend a root canal only as a last resort, i.e. when there’s simply no other way to save the tooth. Usually, the tooth in question will have become badly inflamed or infected – or perhaps it will have been badly damaged in an accident. In certain circumstances – usually with older patients – it may be because there is too much cumulative wear on the outer enamel of your tooth.


What are the warning signs that I might need one?

Thankfully, nature ensures that you’ll get a few warning signs that you may be in need of a root canal. These include anything from a sudden intense pain to swelling around the tums or a new-found intolerance to high or low temperatures.

Thankfully, there’s no need to worry about the root canal cost as it’s a very streamlined process here at MyDental, so we can afford to keep our prices low.

And when you consider that the root canal treatment cost should be weighed up against the fact that the salvaged tooth should last you as long as your normal teeth.

If you suspect that you may be heading for a root canal but would like to know a little more, here's a helpful article, courtesy of the American Association of Endodontists - http://www.aae.org/patients/treatments-and-procedures/root-canals/root-canals.aspx</a