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Invisible braces and the gift of self-confidence.

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Invisible braces are a Godsend for generations of youngsters – and this is truer today than it ever was. Here’s why.

We often wax philosophic in our daily blog about various aspects of modern life, and we’re going to do exactly the same today!

Today's topic is self-respect – or more correctly, the factors that influence our levels of self-respect. What is it that makes some of believe that we’re brilliant, while others struggle to find any sense of value in themselves?

It’s a topic that’s taxed psychologists for centuries, but one of the more accepted suggestions is that we need to have something which we believe we excel at if we’re to deem ourselves as ‘worthy’. We don't actually need to excel – we need to believe we excel.

If you have children, this observation will probably make a lot of sense to you. We constantly provide exaggerated praise to our children for the smallest of achievements or attributes. “You’re so tall. So strong. So intelligent. So good at football. So well behaved.”

The belief is that when we repeat these affirmations to our children over a long period of time, they come to believe them, and go through life with their heads held that much higher.

But no matter how supportive we are as parents, children can come under pressure from their peers at various stages in their lives, and start to question their levels of self-worth.

Consider, for example, a child who’s been very happy in primary school – but then moves to a new secondary school, with strange new teachers, strange new fellow pupils and strange new ways.

The higher academic standards may make the child doubt their ability – and consequently affect their self-image as being ‘a good student’.

And another thing that can cause youngsters to be less self-confident at this age is suddenly looking different to their peers – notably through things like suddenly having to wear ‘train tracks’ to remedy crooked or overcrowded teeth.

Even the best-adjusted youngster can be suddenly shrouded in doubt because they have to wear braces. Thankfully, however, today’s youngsters have a lot to be grateful for, as they live in an age where wearing braces is a far less traumatic experience.

First of all, they only need to wear their braces for six months – as opposed to two years or more in the not-so-distant past.

Secondly, the new generation of braces is much more discreet. You won’t spot that someone is wearing braces unless you get up pretty damn close.

And thirdly, the new braces are way more comfortable than their predecessors. This is because they exert less pressure on the teeth and gums, so you barely know you’re wearing them after the first week or two.

And as if all this weren’t enough, there’s the issue of cost. If you’re in the market for invisible braces Dublin is a fantastic place to source low-cost, great-value treatment.

The cost is lower than you imagine, because patients now spend less time in the dentist’s chair. And here at MyDental, of course, you can even choose to spread the cost over three months, six months or nine months, thanks to our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

And one final benefit is that with invisible braces or any other form of treatment, we fully adhere to the Code of Practice of the Irish Dental Council - (http://www.dentalcouncil.ie/g_dentalethics.php)