Clear braces are clearly a better option these days.

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There’s never been a better time to consider having crooked or overcrowded teeth straightened. Here’s why.

We’ve always prided ourselves on the fact that we’ve got a very keen eye when it comes to dental matters. We believe that we can spot a veneer at twenty yards, thanks to our super-high skills of observation and decades spent in the dental industry.


But here’s the thing – modern dentistry is making it more and more difficult to spot when someone has had dental work carried out. Here’s a case in point. Only last week, we attended an industry event which involved a specialist lecture on a topic of interest to us.


We were sitting in the third or fourth row, so we had a very good line of sight of the lecturer, and were pretty sure that we would have spotted any signs of ‘work’. We listened with interest to the lecture, and when it was finished, we stayed for a cup of coffee with some of our professional colleagues for a chat and a catch-up.


In the middle of this mingling, the lecturer approached our group and introduced himself. At this stage, we were no more than two-feet away from him, and suddenly it all became clear – he was wearing invisible braces! It seems our dental radar is not as accurate as we thought!


This was an excellent lesson for us in just how far invisible braces have come in recent years. Less than a decade ago, you could spot braces at a country mile. Those big, awkward ‘train tracks’ were the bane of many a patient’s life – and bear in mind that they often had to wear them for two years or more.


And not only were they uncomfortable to wear, but if you listened to someone with a blindfold on you, you could still spot the braces via the sibilant lisp that usually accompanied the braces.


Today, thankfully, all this is totally changed. The modern generation of invisible braces is super-light and super-comfortable, but can still do the job of those old-fashioned braces in just six months.


This is an especially big deal for our younger patients, who are often self-conscious about their appearance and hate to seem different to their peers. It's a lot easier put up with braces for six months than two years – trust us on this!


It’s also worth pointing out that the modern generation of clear braces cost less than the older train tracks. This might surprise you – the notion of newer technology being cheaper than old. But think about it for a minute. Because the new clear braces do their work in just six months, it means you spend less time in the dentist’s chair, so we charge you less for our time. It's that simple.


Another bit of good news is that if you're in the market for invisible braces Ireland is a great place to have your treatment, offering a tremendous mix of value, professionalism and after-care.

And here at MyDental, we also offer you the reassurance of knowing that we adhere in full to the Code of Practice of the Irish Dental Council - (