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Invisible braces deliver the most visible of results.

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The problem of crooked or overcrowded teeth is not an intractable one – here's what you need to know about sorting it.

Believe it or not, one of the most common forms of dream relates to school. It’s that sensation of having to sit an exam – but without having any study done in preparation.

That dream came back to me recently – and with very good reason. I had agreed to get involved with a Parent Teacher Group in my local school, and was summoned to a meeting one evening last week.

I wrongly supposed that the school would be empty at 7.00 p.m., but the school was awash with young students, some at homework clubs and some doing extra-curricular work such as art or music.

Not for the first time when confronted with a large group of teenagers, I was struck by how many of our youngsters wear braces. Indeed, it’s almost become more the norm than the exception these days.

Another thing that struck me about the teenagers were that many of them had ‘moved on’ in terms of treatment, By this, I mean that they were wearing invisible braces – or clear braces, as they're also known.

This struck me as a thoroughly good thing, on a number of levels. First of all, youngsters can be very self-conscious at this stage of their lives, so anything that draws attention to them is considered to be bad. The new breed of invisible braces, however, is infinitely mire discreet, and you have to be quire close to the wearer to spot that.

Another reason why the invisible braces brought a smile to our face was to do with cost. For parents of teenagers, the cost of braces was a major outlay in the past. These days, however, the braces we offer cost a lot less – and here’s why.

They work their magic in just six months, and because of this, we can afford to charge less, as the patient spends less time with us. This is particularly important in cases where two or three children in the same family need braces.


Some other benefits of modern braces

-       They exert far less pressure to both teeth and gums, which means that they’re much more comfortable to wear than the old-fashioned train tracks.

-       They’re highly effective in treating crooked or overcrowded teeth. This is particularly true if you have both the top and bottom teeth treated at the same time.

-       You can trust them completely when eating or biting. They’ll take the same degree of wear and tear as your normal teeth.


Do I have to pay all at once?

Good question. Here at MyDental, we have a special 0% Dental Finance Plan in place. This means that you can spread the cost over three months, six months or nine months – so there’s no need to shell out everything at once.

And when it comes to clear braces Dublin is rightly renowned for the quality of treatment it offers – especially here at MyDental!


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