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How your orthodontist can change things forever.

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A straight smile is not as difficult to achieve as you might imagine.


Of all the topics that we blog about on a regular basis, by far the most popular tend to be those that relate to the magic of the orthodontist – and how even the most crooked or overcrowded smile can be transformed into a beautiful straight assemblage of teeth.

We get hundreds of emails and messages relating to the topic of braces – and not always from the type of people that you might expect.

If you went back a decade or so, it was inevitably adolescents who seemed to be wearing braces. But these days, there is more interest than ever from more mature patients in getting the sort of straight smile that they've always coveted.

One of the reasons that braces were once the preserve of younger patients probably relates to the length of time that you had to wear those old-fashioned train tracks. Typically, you were forced to wear them for two years – and longer in some cases.

This meant that many adults just turned their back on the procedure, thinking that it would make them look ‘odd’ in their social or business life.

All that has transformed hugely in recent years. These days, the modern generation of braces can work their magic in just six months. So no matter what age you are, you can probably put up with that length of time.

And don’t be misled by the fact that the duration has shortened so much. This does not mean that the current generation of braces are in any way less effective than their older rivals.

And not alone are they just as effective, but here’s a bit of a shocker for you – they are actually cheaper these days. This is hard to understand, as revolutionary new forms of treatment are usually way more expensive than their predecessors.

But think about it for a minute. With the modern version of braces doing the job in six months, the patient obviously spends less time in the dentist’s chair, so we can afford to charge you less for our professional attendances.

And perhaps this greater level of affordability has contributed to the rise in adult patients? Also, bear in mind that you don't have to pay for your treatment all at once. Instead, you can opt to pay for your treatment over three months, six months or nine months, depending on your preference.

Another piece of good news is that if you happen to be actively looking for an orthodontist Dublin is a great place to conduct your search – it's home to some wonderfully talented and dedicated dentists, including the guys right here in MyDental.

So there’s no need to go the dental tourism route, which is fraught with dangers in terms of the quality of service and treatment you’ll receive – and also the problem of after-sales service if something goes wrong.

The bottom line is that no matter what age you happen to be, there’s no need to put up with a smile that’s less than perfect. Just drop in to us and let us give you a full assessment of the treatment you need – along with a treatment schedule and a payment plan, if you wish.

And before you do, perhaps you'd like to read this article on the dangers of dental tourism. It's highly sobering - http://www.dentist.ie/latest-news/the-dangers-of-dental-tourism-.6556.html