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Teeth implants prices ain’t what they used to be!

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If you're worried about the cost of replacing a missing tooth or teeth, we’ve got some good news for you. Dental implants are not just more effective – but they’re also more affordable than ever.

As we write this blog, the media is full of coverage of the same-sex election. Some of it is pushing a Yes or a No agenda – while other sections of the media are simply urging us to vote.

It got us thinking as to what we would vote for if we could vote to have just one part of our bodies looking exactly as we wanted. Would we opt for a six-pack stomack, a thick head of hair, a firm rear – or any one of hundreds of other ‘wishes’ that people have around their human form.

We’ll probaby never be able to prove it, but we have a sneaky suspicious that many people would opt to have their smile fixed. Why? Because it's such a big part of how we engage with the world. A smile is one of the most powerful pieces of body language that we’ll ever use, and the opportunities to smile in any given day are almost limitless.

But what happens if that potentially brilliant smile is being spoilt by a missing tooth or teeth. The vast majority of people tend to smile less often – or smile fully – when they believe that their smile is less than its brilliant best.

In the past, that ‘tombstone effect’ was treated by dentures or dental bridges. And for hundreds of thousands of people who had this treatment, it was a huge leap forward from being without a tooth or multiple teeth.

But there’s a much better way of treating the condition these days – and it’s know as dental implants, sometimes called teeth implants.

How do implants work?

When you examine the term ‘dental implant’, you might be inclined to think that a tooth is implanted into the gum or jawbone. This is not actually what happens. First of all, your dentist needs to inseert a miniature ‘stake’ deep into the bone.

This is like hammering a post inot the ground when you want to build a fence – it's the element that provides all the rigidity and permancence.

The replacement tooth sits over this ‘stake’, providing a solution that’s permanent, hardwearing and extremely durable.

What are the benefits versus dentures?

  • Denture wearers frequently complained that they couldn’t trust their false teeth. They were liable to move around a tad, which always seemed to happen at the most awkward moment, causing a lot of social embarrassment. There are no such worries with implants, as they are fuixed fully in place and will not move under any conditions.
  • Also, dentures often looked fake. But with implants, your dentist can shape them – and even colour them – so that they are an identical match for the surrounding teeth.
  • This is a tried and trusted technology, used successfully all over the world.