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Teeth implants prices represent amazing value right now.

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An unsightly gap can cause an enormous amount of damage to your smile, so why not sort the problem with teeth implants from MyDental?

Because we work in the dental industry, we’re sometimes tempted to think that the quality of dentistry has always been this good. That’s not true, of course. Like any other form of medicine or science, the earliest forms were unsure, faltering and almost unrecognisable from where we stand today.

The history of dentistry, in fact, goes back as far 7,000 BC. Remains from the early Harappan periods of the Indus Valley Civilisation indicate that teeth were drilled at the time, suggesting that dental surgery was the first specialised form of medicine.

The earliest form of dental fillings were made of beeswax, with examples of this dating back over 6,500 years in modern-day Slovenia.

We’ve come a hell of a long way since the days of beeswax fillings, and nowhere is progress more apparent than in the field of dental implants – also referred to as teeth implants.

Not so long ago, a missing tooth – or more than one – would automatically have resulted in dentures. And while the treatment was relatively effective, it had a lot of common drawbacks. Today, a dental implant does the same job – but much more efficiently and in a very cost-effective manner.


What exactly is a tooth implant? 

The name is a tad misleading, as it might suggest that the replacement tooth is implanted directly into the bone. This is not the case, as such a ‘fixing’ would come loose in next to no time. Instead, your dentist drills down into the bone, then fixes a miniature ‘stake’ into the bone – a little like the process for erecting a fence!

The replacement tooth actually sits on top of this stake, which makes for a very reliable, durable and permanent solution – and one that’s not going to come loose over the lifetime of the patient.


Why are implants so much better than dentures?

  • Most of us have probably seen a denture-wearer go red with embarrassment as their dentures slipped out of place while they were talking or eating. There are no such worries with implants. Because the stake is implanted deep into the bone, you can have absolute confidence that it's going nowhere. No matter what you eat or how you contort your mouth, your implant is staying exactly where your dentist put it.
  • Let's face it, you were never really fooled by someone wearing dentures, were you? They always seemed to look phoney, and were frequently out of keeping with the rest of the normal teeth. With implants, however, your dentist will file them until they look exactly like the original tooth – and can even colour-match them with the rest of your teeth.
  • The technology behind dental implants has come on in leaps and bounds and your MyDental dentist has carried it the process hundreds of times before.
  • Teeth implants prices have dropped hugely as the process has become more streamlined.
  • Ireland provides an excellent level of dentistry in general, and here at MyDental we offer exceptionally good service. This means that there’s no need to chase those so-called cheap dental implants that you see advertised in a variety of foreign countries. Before you even start to think of such an option, we recommend that you check out this article from the Irish Dental Association’s website – http://www.dentist.ie/latest-news/the-dangers-of-dental-tourism-.6556.html