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Teeth implants prices represent amazing value for money.

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If you're missing a tooth or two, dental implants are a far superior solution than traditional dentures.

We have a small confession to make – but we’d like it to go no further, if you don't mind. We’re big fans of the Eurovision Song Contest here at MyDental. And for the most recent version of this shindig, we were glued to the telly, as usual, wallowing in the lunacy and the extravagance of the whole thing.

And watching the hopefuls strut their stuff, two things struck us most. First of all, the quality of the stage and general set – and secondly, the quality of ‘gnashers’ on display.

We’re prepared to bet, in fact, that it’s absolutely impossible to win Eurovision unless you have the smile of a Hollywood superstar. This set us thinking about the power of a smile in our day-to-day life – and how people can suddenly lose much of their social confidence if they lose a tooth or two in a prominent position along their smile line.

Thankfully, dental technology has advanced so much in recent times that a gap or two no longer need to prevent you flashing your full smile. We’re referring, in particular, to dental implants – also known as teeth implants.

What’s a tooth implant?

If you went back a decade or more, the solution to a missing tooth or teeth was dentures. By definition, this was an impermanent solution, meaning that they were liable to pop out or move at the most embarrassing of times.

A tooth implant, however, is a far more clever and far more robust solution. Here’s how it works. The replacement tooth is not actually affixed to the bone, but rather, a miniature stake is sunk deep into the bone. This stake provides a permanent and very robust structure onto which the replacement tooth is fixed.

It’s brilliantly simple, and brilliantly effective. And compared to old-fashioned dentures, it has a host of benefits to offer, including the following:

  • Unlike dentures, they look very authentic. In fact, your MyDental dentist can file them – and even colour them – so that they’re exactly like your surrounding teeth.
  • They’re infinitely more dependable. Because of the stake structure that we mentioned earlier, they simply won't move in your mouth, regardless of what you're eating or how loud you’re laughing.
  • They’re also much more comfortable than dentures, and our patients tell us that they forget they have an implant after a day or two. It feels just like all their other teeth.
  • The new implant is also very robust, and you need have no fears about crunching into an apple or chewing on a big steak.
  • Another reason for going the implant route is that teeth implants prices are within the budget of pretty much everyone these days. The process has become streamlined that prices have been adjusted downwards accordingly. And don’t forget that you can choose to spread the cost over three, six or nine months, thanks to our 0% Dental finance Plan.


What about opting for the dental tourism route?

You’ve probably seen ads in the press for so-called cheap dental implants in overseas locations. A word of caution if you're considering this option.

First of all, the real cost of treatment can be considerably more expensive than advertised – when you factor in flights, accommodation, subsistence etc. And secondly, what happens if something goes wrong afterwards. Do you have to travel all over again for after-care?

The standard of dental care – and particularly the standard of dental implants – is very high in Ireland – and very competitively prices. So before you consider the overseas option, check out this piece on the website of the Irish Dental Assocation – http://www.dentist.ie/latest-news/the-dangers-of-dental-tourism-.6556.html