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Teeth implants set new standards for tooth replacement.

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If you're looking for an affordable way to replace that missing tooth, then teeth implants may be just the job!

It’s one of life’s great ironies that we tend to focus our attention on those things which seem different or out of place.

If you’re talking to someone, for example, and they smile at you with a full set of teeth, it will barely register with you. But if they should flash a smile and it transpires that a tooth or two are missing, that’s a whole different kettle of fish. Your eye will instantly be drawn to the blemish rather than the rest of the perfectly healthy teeth.

No doubt this is why so many people can’t accept the prospect of going through life with a ‘hole’ or two in their smile.

If you went back a decade or more, the chances are that they would address the issue by opting for dentures. This was a perfectly acceptable solution for its time, but advances in dental technology mean that dental implants are the more popular contemporary treatment to replace those missing teeth.

What exactly is a dental implant?

The name is something of a misnomer in that the replacement tooth is not actually implanted into your jawbone. The element that’s implanted is a miniature stake that your dentist inserts deep into the bone.

This stake forms a strong and robust basis for the overall implant procedure. A replacement tooth is fixed onto the stake, and the end result is a new tooth that simply won’t budge, and that will give you every bit as much functionality as your existing teeth.

Are implants a better solution than dentures?

Implants have a large number of benefits over the traditional denture treatment. Chief among these is the level of solidity that your implant provides. Dentures can sometimes slip out of place, and wearers often find that this can lessen their confidence in social situations.

Another big plus is that implants look a lot more like your original teeth. Your dentist can file the new tooth until it’s an exact replica of the one it replaces – he can even colour it to make sure that it fits in perfectly with the teeth around it.

Another beenfit is that implants are very comfortable. Our patients tell us that they forget about them after a few days – they’re exactly like the rest of your teeth in terms of how they feel in your mouth.

Also, you brush the new implant at the same time as you're brushing your normal teeth – so there’s no having to take themout at night, like dentures, to keep them spick and span.

Are implants very expensive?

You might be tempted to think that any new dental technology would be significantly more expensive. That’s not the case, however. Here at MyDental, the dental implant process is highly steamlined, so the good news for people out there with a tooth missing is that teeth implants prices in Dublin are now more affordable than ever.

And don’t forget that there’s no need to write a single cheque for the treatment. You can choose, instead, to spread the cost over three to nime months with our 0% Dental Dinance Plan.

What about those ads for dental treatment abroad?

Sometimes, patients tell us that they’ve seen advertising for cheap dental implants in overseas locations. Our response is always the same. We ask them to consider the total cost of treatment – including flights, hotel, subsistence etc.

And what happens if there’s a problem afterwards and you need to see the dentist again? Your costs will double if you have to travel abroad again.

If you'd like to know more about the perils of dental tourism, check out this article on the website of the Irish Dental Assocation – http://www.dentist.ie/latest-news/the-dangers-of-dental-tourism-.6556.html