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Teeth implants prices can’t get much lower – full stop!

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There’s simply no reason to go through life with an unsightly gap in your teeth. Dental implants can fill that gap brilliantly. Here’s how….

We’re still here in Southern Spain for the last few days of our holiday. And last night, as luck would have it, we bumped into a very friendly man in our local beachside bar who turned out to be – wait for it – a dentist!

Need we tell you what the topic of conversation was for the next three hours? Yep – dentistry, dentistry, dentistry. We talked about differences in technique and procedures between our two countries – although for the most part, these are broadly similar throughout Europe.

We spent a particularly long time talking about dental implants, and both of us agreed that it represents one of the most important single breakthroughs in the history of dentistry.

Not very long ago, if you were missing a tooth or two, you would have had two choices – go for dentures or leave the unsightly gap as it was. Today, however, dental implants represent a very cost-effective alternative – with a host of other benefits.

But first – what’s a dental implant?

The name is a little misleading for some people, as they tend to believe that the replacement tooth is implanted into the bone. This is not the case. Instead, think of the ‘construction process’ as being like a builder erecting a fence.

First, he puts a stake into the ground, then fixes wood onto this. It’s the stake that provides the strength, however. Similarly, your dentist fixes a type of miniature ‘stake’ deep down into your jawbone. The replacement tooth fits snugly over this.

What are the benefits of dental implants versus dentures?

• One of the downsides of dentures is that they could sometimes be prone to slip – usually at the most inopportune time. As your implant is held in place by the stake that we mentioned earlier, it’s moving nowhere. This gives you a fantastic level of social confidence.

  • Your implant is also utterly dependable for eating. No matter what food you’re tackling, it will stand up to the task. It’s equally guaranteed to stay in place when you smile or contort your mouth into any shape imaginable.
  • Another big plus is that implants look very much like the real thing. This is because of two reasons. First of all, your dentist can file the replacement tooth so that it matches the size and shape of your original tooth. And secondly, he can even colour them so that they look exactly like the surrounding teeth.
  • Teeth implants prices in Dublin have come down very sharply – mostly due to the fact that the process has become so streamlined in modern dental practices like MyDental.