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Teeth implants are a modern dental miracle!

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If you think you’re doomed to having a gap in your smile, think again. Here’s what dental implants can do to restore your confident smile. 

We’re going to tell you something now, and we want it to go no further. This could ruin our reputation if it got out!

Last night, we watched the Rose of Tralee on TV. There, we’ve said it. And we make no apology for it – it’s one of the greatest advertisements in modern culture for the power of a really great smile. So why wouldn’t we be fans?

It may be just our imagination, but whatever about the standard of singing or dancing, the standard of smiles seems to get higher with each passing year. Glowing, radiant smiles seems to be as much a part of the armoury of the modern Rose as having a granny from Donegal.

And no matter how cynical you may feel towards this self-professed celebration of Irish women, it’s hard to deny that we are very definitely at our most attractive, our most appealing, and our most alluring when we smile.

That’s why it’s such a shame that so many people choose to go through life masking their smile – simply because there’s a tooth or two missing and they feel self-conscious about it.

A better alternative to dentures.

They may have considered dentures, but feel that this ‘makes them appear old’. Or perhaps they feel that they can’t trust dentures, as they’ve seen a number of unfortunate ‘slips’ in the past with family or friends who have dentures.

If only they know that theres a quick and easy fix for their problem – and one that very definitely wont cost the earth. Dental implants – sometimes known as teeth implants – are the modern miracle of dentistry that can replace a missing tooth permanently – with zero chance of it slipping out of place at an embarrassing moment.

A dental implant involves your dentist placing a miniature ‘stake’ into your jawbone, providing a permament and robust basis for fixing a replacement tooth onto.

What are the benefits of a dental implant?

• Your new tooth will look exactly like the ones surrounding it, as it can be filed and coloured to suit the neighbouring teeth.

• It’s extremely low maintenance versus dentures. You just brush your teeth as normal, and the implant gets everything it needs from that simple cleaning regime.

• You can eat with absolute confidence. Your implant is not going to be pushed out of place by biting into an apple or chomping on a steak. Quite simply, once it’s in place, its going nowhere!

• Your implant will actually be stronger than your existing teeth, and it’s designed to last you a lifetime.

You might think that such a ‘miracle solution’ would cost the earth, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. Teeth implants prices in Dublin are now incredibly affordable, as the process has become much more streamlined in recent times. You can also choose to spread the cost over three months, six months or nine months - by opting for our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

What about the dental tourism route?

If you’ve seen promises of dental work elsewhere in Europe at a fraction of Irish costs, it’s normally cheap for a very good reason! To find out what we mean, check out this article on the website of the Irish Dental Associationhttp://www.dentist.ie/latest-news/the-dangers-of-dental-tourism-.6556.html