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Teeth implants cost a fraction of what you might think!

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Implants are a contemporary solution for an age-old problem – how to replace missing teeth. Here’s all you need to know about this modern dental miracle.

I know we all pretend that we hate the English football team, but when there’s nothing else to watch, we find ourself tuning in to see how they’re doing. Which is why we spent last evening watching Wayne Rooney score his 50th goal for England – and break the record of Bobby Charlton that’s stood for almost half a century.

As Wazza stepped up to take the penalty kick that would seal his sporting immmortality, were we watching his eyes to see where he’d place his kick? Nope. As the camera zoomed in on him, we had eyes for only one thing – his hair implants.

It’s known by even the dogs in the street that Wazza lost his hair at a very young age, and typical of a man earning hundreds of grand a week, he decided to do something about it. And fair play to him – he was honest and open about it, and shared the results of the implantologists with the watching world.

When it comes to the dental form of implants, we can assure you that the end result is every bit as spectacular as the new head of hair that ‘Our Wayne’ now sports. 


A quick, affordable and efficient treatment

This is an appalling way to go through life, and is highly disruptive and highly limiting to their day-to-day lives. Thankfully, once they've spoken to us about the problem, we’re able to reassure them immediately that we can sort the problem, quickly, efficiently and affordably.

The magic bullet, in this case is a treatment called dental implants – also referred to as teeth implants. The ‘engineeering’ behind the solution is quite simple – but brilliantly effective. It involves inserting a miniature stake quite deep into your jawbone, and using this as the structure onto which your dentist will place a replacement tooth.

The replacement tooth is locked onto the stake using a special sort of dental cement. Once this has set fully, it forms a lifetime bond that simply won't be broken – regardless of what you choose to eat or chew with your new implant.


Just how good are dentures?

 Less than a decade ago, the solution to missing teeth would inevitably have been dentures, but implants offer a whole range of benefits over dentures, including the following:

• They’re way more comfortable than dentures. The fact of the matter is that our patients often tell us they forget they’re wearing them – high praise indeed!

• They’re much more dependable. Dentures were often prone to slip at the most embarrasing times – usually in social circumstances. Because an implant involves a replacment tooth that’s fixed in place to a miniature ‘stake’ deep in the jawbone, it’s simply not going to slip out of place and embarrass you.

• They’re more functional. You can chomp into a big juicy apple or eat a huge steak – all without worrying that your replacement teeth will let you down.


So does this fancy new technology cost the earth?

We understand why you’d think that way. After all, most new technologies cost more than their predecessors, so why aren’t implant super-expensive. Well, the answer is very simple. We’ve completely streamlined the procedure here at MyDental, so we can afford to pass on the considerable savings to our patients.

Dental implants cost a lot less than you expect, so don’t be shy about asking us for a quotation next time you’re in. They can make the treatment even more affordable by opting for our 0% Dental Finance Plan, which lets them spread the cost over three, six or nine months, without incurring any interact or penalties.

And when it comes to teeth implants Ireland is one of the world’s most reliable countries for high-quality treatment, which should be of interest to you if you were considering the dental tourism route.

So if you’re considering dental implants Dublin should be your first port of call – 11 Bath Avenue to be precise?

P.S. Just in case you were seriously considering dental tourism, here’s an article you might like to read on the Irish Dental Association website– http://www.dentist.ie/latest-news/the-dangers-of-dental-tourism-.6556.html