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Worried about dental implants cost? Worry no more!

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These days, there’s simply no need to put off having dental implants because of cost. Here’s why.

What a weekend for sports fans! Has there ever been a single day that had such an impact on the fortunes of our soccer and rugby teams – not to mention our boxers - and for the happiness quotient of the whole nation?

At 4.45 on Sunday, our rugby lads took to the pitch at the Millennium Stadium, with our favourite patient, Ian Madigan, ready and waiting to do his bit for the cause if anything should happen to Jonny Sexton.

And when Jonny limped off late in the first half, Ian came on and played a pivotal role in one of the greatest ever Irish performances in the Rugby World Cup.

The TV images of Ian in tears after the game had ended showed just how much it meant to him – and to all the heroes in green. We’ve even read in the papers that the nation is in such a feel-good mood right now that it might even prompt the Taoiseach into calling an early election. And who could blame him?


The impact on the nation’s smile

A lot of economists are of the view that those magical times around Italia ’90 created the sense of consumer confidence that fed in to our economic breakthrough. And with a place in the quarter-finals secured against Argentina instead of the All-Blacks next week, our nation’s smile will get even broader.

Which is yet another reason for making sure that our smiles are in tip-top condition. This is easier than ever, thanks to treatments such as dental implants – also referred to as teeth implants at times. Dental implants cost a fraction of what they used to, so there’s no excuse for putting it off if you have an unsightly gap in your smile.


Tell me a bit more about dental implants

The term ‘implant’ is a little bit misleading, as a tooth could not be directly implanted into the jawbone. It’s simply the wrong shape to take hold permanently. Instead, your dentist inserts a very narrow ‘stake’ quite deep into the jawbone, and onto this, he places the replacement tooth.

It’s a simple but highly effective form of dental engineering that yields excellent results. You can do pretty much anything you like with your new implant, and it should last a lifetime if you care for it in the same way as you care for your normal teeth.

A big plus of the implant is that it won't slip out of place – which dentures are sometimes prone to do – so our implant patients tend to be a lot more self-confident.

And it looks ‘the real deal’ in terms of appearance, so nobody will even know you're wearing an implant – unless you choose to confide in them.


What about going abroad for treatment?

We seriously don't recommend it. When it comes to dental implants Dublin is a widely acknowledged centre of excellence, and you can be sure of really high quality dental care.

You might be impressed by the prices quoted by some overseas centres, but remember that you have to factor in the cost of plane fares, accommodate, subsistence and any incidental costs. And what if you have to return afterwards with a problem? You then have to double up on those costs.

There are countless horror stores out there of people who’ve taken the dental tourism route – with disastrous results. So if you're in the market for dental implants Ireland is your safest bet by far – as you can see from this article on the website of the Irish Dental Association – http://www.dentist.ie/latest-news/the-dangers-of-dental-tourism-.6556.html