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No need to worry about tooth implant cost any more.

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If a missing tooth is letting your smile down, you can soon sort it with an affordable and effective implant. Here’s the full story.

We had a lovely elderly woman in our surgery last week for her six-monthly check-up. She’s an exemplary patient when it comes to taking care of her teeth, and even though she’s well into her seventies, she’s got a bright, straight smile that anyone could be proud of.

During the course of the small-talk we had with her, we mentioned the fact that she one single tooth missing – not bad over a whole lifetime, we reckoned.

Our patient, however, thought differently. Although the small gap wasn’t particularly visible when she smiled, she regretted the fact that she hadn’t got the problem sorted when the tooth loss happened over fifty years ago, as a result of an accident on the hockey pitch.

At the time, she didn’t want a denture, as she felt that this was for ‘old people’, and cost would have prohibited any more expensive form of treatment.

When we told her what a current dental implant cost is, she almost fell out of the chair. She’d assumed, for years, that this was a really expensive form of treatment, and living on an old age pension and some small forms of other income, she was obviously careful about her finances.

This is one of the big benefits that advances in dental technology bring to our patients. As a result of more streamlined processes, most of our procedures and treatments are way less than they might have been five or ten years ago.

Excited by how cheap teeth implants are, she asked us to tell her a little bit more – and we were only too happy to oblige.

First of all, we explained how the procedure works. The dentist places a miniature stake into the jawbone, and the replacement tooth is fixed very securely over this. We assured our patient that this would definitely not slip out of place – unlike a denture. And while the ‘construction work’ involved might seem a little painful, your dentist will make sure you feel nothing thanks to the high quality anaesthetics that we offer.

We also explained that she would not have to carry out any special form of maintenance or dental care on her new implant. Just carrying out her normal brushing and flossing would make sure that her implant continued to give her great value for the rest of her long life.

She then asked us if she could eat normally – and if the implant would stand up to the pressure exerted by biting into a big juicy apple, for example. We were happy to tell her that she need have no concerns on that score.

At the end of our chat, she proudly told us that the tooth implant cost would not put her off regaining ‘a perfect full set of teeth’, and we’re delighted to say that she’s booked in to have the job done on early November.


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