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Why worry any more about teeth implants prices?

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Got a missing tooth? Well here’s why an implant could well be a better solution than a denture. 

Very close to where we live, a new school is in the process of construction, and as we ramble about the place on lazy weekends, we like to ‘check up’ on how the project is progressing.

It’s lovely to come back after  a week or so and see how much progress has been made – how the walls have sprung up, or how a roof is now starting to be put in place, for example.

One of the aspects of the construction process that puzzled us early on, however, was the presence of long, narrow steel bars that seemed to be stuck into the ground. On asking one of the workmen what this was about, he told us that he was a piling contractor, and that these steel ‘piles’ were used to add extra structural strength to the construction process.

It struck us as being a very good analogy as to how dental implants work. You see, many people mistakenly believe that a tooth implant is actually what the name suggests – a tooth that’s implanted into the bone. This simply wouldn’t work. Instead, your dentist very thin but very strong ‘piles’ into your jawbone, and the new artificial tooth is placed directly onto this.

Because the ‘pile’ is fixed very firmly into the bone, and the tooth is fixed to it with equal certainty, you can be sure that your new tooth will never slip out of place the way dentures are sometimes prone to do.


The benefits of dental implants

No matter what you're eating or how heartily you're laughing, that new implant is going simply nowhere! Take it from the experts.

Another benefit, versus dentures, is that you don't have to undertake any special cleaning regime. You simply brush your teeth as normal, including the implant. So you don't have that tiresome chore of denture wearers of having to take them out at night for cleaning.

Another reason for considering dental implants is that they seem much more like ‘the real thing’. Your dentist files them and colours them so that they blend in perfectly with your existing teeth. Nobody will even know you're wearing one unless you choose to tell them.

The net impact of all these factors is that people who have a dental implant tend to have more social confidence than denture wearers. And remember that an implant can work just as effectively towards the back of your mouth as in the front.


More affordable than ever

And the best news of all is that teeth implants prices are more affordable today than at any time to date. Remember, too, that you can spread the cost over up to nine months, with our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

And just in case you might be tempted by those ubiquitous ads to opt for cheap dental implants abroad, let us sound a note of warning, There are many reasons why this is a very bad idea – our friends in the Irish Dental Association have summed it up pretty well in the following article - http://www.dentist.ie/latest-news/the-dangers-of-dental-tourism-.6556.html