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Tooth implants mix discretion and efficiency.

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Why look in the mirror at a gap in your smile when an implant can solve the problem. Here’s how.

They say that it’s a wonderful thing to live in interesting times. And without doubt, the times we’re going through right now are highly interesting – particularly in how science and technology are constantly re-imagining what might be possible for ordinary people.

Much was made, recently, about the predictions made in the movie ‘Back To The Future’, and how quite a few had come true. But they never foresaw the smartphone, and who would have believed only a few decades ago that pretty much all of us would be walking around with not just a mobile phone in our pockets – but a computer capable of linking us to the rest of humankind within just seconds.

Our own field of dentistry has also seen fantastic breakthroughs – and few of them have been more noteworthy than tooth implants (also referred to as dental implants).

For generations, the instinctive treatment for missing teeth was dentures. And while this continues to be a part of your dentist’s toolbox, it has been surpassed, to a great degree, by modern dental implants.


A simple explanation of dental implants

The name ‘dental implant’ is misleading for a lot of people. They wrongly assume that this is some form of artificial tooth that is implanted directly into the bone. Such an engineering feat would simply not work. Instead, your dentist places a narrow ‘stake’ quite deep into the bone, and the artificial tooth is placed snugly on top of this.

It’s a very effective solution, and unlike dentures, dental implants will never slip out of place when you're eating or laughing, for example.

But as well as being highly effective, it’s also a very discreet form of treatment. Your dentist can file it and even colour it – so that it looks exactly like the surrounding teeth, Nobody will spot you're wearing one unless you decide to share it with your friends or family.


Any other benefits?

Very definitely. Your dental implant is much easier to take care of than dentures. You have to take dentures out at night to clean them, but with implants, all you need to do is brush them while you’re brushing your normal teeth. It's that simple!

Also, an implant is a very permanent form of treatment, and you can rightfully expect your implant to last you a lifetime.

You can also be totally confident in the strength and structural integrity of your new implant – and can bite into an apple or chomp on a steak without worrying that anything bad is going to happen.


What about the cost?

The cost of dental implants has dropped sharply in recent years, and here at MyDental, we even offer you the option of spreading the cost over three, six or nine months – thanks to our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

The cost has dropped partially due to greater streamlining of our processes, and also due to our commitment to offering the best value dental care in Ireland or the UK.

If you’d like to bone up a bit more on the topic of dental implants, here’s a good article on MedicineNet.com - http://www.medicinenet.com/dental_implants/article.htm