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Five great excuses for not cleaning my teeth!

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Benjamin Franklin famously said that “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else”. But do you regularly make excuses when it comes to your dental care regime?

We got to thinking recently about how often we make excuses each day – some true, some less so. It can be anything from an errant schoolboy claiming, with all sincerity, that the dog really did eat his homework. 

And as we grow older, we still sometimes fall back into ‘excuse mode’ – often without realising it. So if we’re late for a meeting, for example, we simply have to grasp at some external excuse such as ‘the train was late’, ‘the traffic was heavy’, or even one of the perennial favourites, ‘I had to attend my grandparent’s funeral”.

And by and large, nobody gets hurt with this sort of behavior, and it generally helps to grease the wheels of a functional society.

Sometimes, however, excuses can cause real harm. We’re thinking, in particular, of people who make excuses to themselves as to why they don’t take better care of their teeth.

So let’s have a look at a few of the more common favourites – and see if we can convince you that they really don’t cut the mustard. 

I don’t have time 

Yes, we understand that it can take a small time investment if you want to brush and floss as often as we’d like you to. But here’s the thing – if you eventually have to have a filling, an extraction, a root canal or any of the other common treatments that are caused by neglect, you’ll somehow find the time to attend your dentist for these treatments.

And you’ll also have to put your hand in your pocket, so wouldn’t it be much cheaper and much better use of your time if you dedicated those few minutes a day rather than let thing build up to where you have to take a morning off work to visit your dentist.

You don’t need to brush as often as they say

Sadly, this excuse just doesn’t hold water. And there’s a simple reason – the speed at which harmful bacteria can multiply. If you don’t brush at least every morning and every night, you let the spread of bacteria grow unchecked, storing up inevitable trouble.

By brushing last thing at night, bacteria don’t have a full night to spread while you sleep, while brushing after your breakfast means that you start your day with a relatively low level of bacteria in place.

My grandparents rarely brushed

Maybe so – but that’s probably why they had dentures at a relatively young age. Thankfully, people rarely have to undergo mass extractions these days – and it’s all down to better awareness of what we need to do, easy access to effective dental care products and a much greater social dependence on a flashing smile.

My dentist can fix it all

Your dentist can do amazing things for you, it’s true. But wouldn’t you prefer to go through life with your own set of pearly whites rather than go to the time and trouble of having to get dental implants, for example. A typical dental implant cost runs to hundred of Euro, so you’d be far better off going for the motto of ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure’.

And teeth implant prices shouldn’t be the only reason you buckle down to a regular brushing regime. There’s also the time you’ll have to waste by visiting your dentist for an assessment, and then possibly having multiple visits to address your problem.

So what do you say – shall we ditch the excuses?

You know it makes sense, so here’s to a great 2015 for dental care, and we truly hope that this is the year your brushing habits become stronger and stronger, and that you don’t have to trot out one of those lame excuses any time soon.

Go on – you’re worth it!