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Dental implants cost so little, your time has come!

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There’s no need to put off having your dental implants any longer. Here’s why they've never been more affordable.

We like to chat with our patients every tie they drop in to us – sometimes about life in general, but sometimes on matters dental.

And when the topic comes around to dentistry, we inevitably find that they’re very much clued in about certain dental treatments, but quite vague about others.

Most of them will chat away happily about crowns or fillings etc., but when we suggest that they may be suited to dental implants, they usually ask us what we mean.

We’re happy to oblige, of course, and happily talk them through the benefits of dental implants – particularly when compared to dentures.

First of all, dental implants cost a lot less than you might think, so this is not some fancy form of dentistry that costs you an arm and a leg. Instead, it's a very clever way of making sure that you can have a replacement tooth put in place permanently – unlike dentures which typically come out every night.


How do implants work?

Right – let’s start at the beginning. Let’s say you’ve lost a tooth and don't want to go down the denture route. It would be impossible for your dentist to fix an artificial tooth directly into the gum or bone, as it simply wouldn’t withstand the pressure once you started eating or chewing.

Instead, a much cleverer form of structure is uses. A titanium screw is fixed quite deeply into the jawbone, and the artificial tooth is fixed snugly onto this. The screw gives the strength to the new tooth, and we guarantee you that it will not move out of place, no matter what you get up to.


The benefits

First of all, unlike dentures, this is a permanent form of treatment, so you’ll never have to take your implant out to clean it. Just brush and floss as normal, and your new implant will be just fine for the rest of your life.

Secondly, the implant will never embarrass you by slipping out of place in social circumstances. Dentures had a well-deserved reputation for slipping at the most embarrassing moments – either when you were laughing aloud or eating something substantial such as a steak or an apple.

Then there’s the fact that your implant is filed and coloured by your dentist so that it looks exactly like your normal teeth. Dentures sometimes ‘stood out’ from the herd by seeming to be extra white or extra large.


Would it be cheaper to get it done overseas?

You’ve probably seen or heard those ads for overseas treatment that seem to offer you a real bargain. But when it comes to dental implants Dublin is a much safer bet. You can depend on a much higher degree of certainty in terms of quality and service – and you won't have to shell out a small fortune in flights, hotels and living expenses while you're overseas.

And in terms of professional excellence for dental implants Ireland enjoys a well-deserved international reputation as a centre of excellence.


Before you do anything rash…

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