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An idiot’s guide to teeth implants. No offence!

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While dentures are still a common solution to missing teeth, implants have passed them out as the preferred form of treatment. It’s easy to see why.

We were talking recently to a friend of ours who is a G.P. and he was bemoaning the fact that the vast majority of his patients have already checked in with ‘Doctor Google’ before they turn up at the surgery. They’ve keyed in their symptoms on the Internet, and usually come up with a set of diagnoses that are anything from mildly inaccurate to absolutely ludicrous.

Strangely, this same form of self-diagnosis doesn’t seem to apply to the field of dentistry. Maybe it’s because dental problems arise less often, so we’re not as preoccupied about them to the same extent that we’re worried about our sore throat or mysterious rash.

Whatever the reason, our patients usually just rock up with a problem, and leave it completely up to us to recommend the best solution for them. A typical example of this would be a patient who’s missing a tooth – or possibly multiple teeth – and wants to restore that ‘full beam’ to their smile.

Sometimes, they mistakenly believe that the only real option open to them is dentures, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. These days, teeth implants are just as likely to be recommended, as they have a number of key benefits over dentures.

• Implants are a form of artificial tooth that are fixed onto titanium screw that’s fixed deep into your jawbone. Because of this, they simply don’t slip out of place – like dentures – and you can have absolute confidence in them when talking, laughing, smiling, or even biting into that huge green apple! The net result is that our patients tend to be much more self-confident when wearing implants versus dentures.

• A further benefit is that implants are generally much more comfortable to wear than dentures. You’ll very soon forget that you’re wearing an implant, and there’s no sensation of ‘something foreign’ being in your mouth.

• There’s also a greater level of convenience in that you don’t have to treat the implant any differently than your normal teeth when it comes to cleaning them. You brush as normal – no need to take them out every night!

• They’re also extremely tough, and will last you a lifetime if you brush and floss them the same way that you treat your normal teeth. And no matter what you bite into, they’re very much up to the task.

• And here’s a benefit that you might not have been expecting. Tooth implant cost is a fraction of what you probably think it is, thanks to a very streamlined approach here in MyDental. And don’t forget that you can spread the cost over three months, six months or nine months when you choose to avail of our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

So there you have it – a better way of dealing with missing teeth. And because your dental implant cost is now so affordable, there’s simply no excuse for putting it off any more. Why not drop in and we’ll give you a treatment plan and a cost for your treatment?


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