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Dental implants cost even less these days.

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A missing tooth or teeth no longer spells ruination for your smile. Here’s the lowdown on how dental implants can solve the problem.

We had a very entertaining visit to our surgery last week from a father and son couple who were both suffering from the same problem – missing teeth. The Dad was in his late thirties and was still playing hurling with his local hurling club.

In a recent training session – while not wearing a protective helmet - a stray hurley had made contact with his mouth and left him with two missing front teeth.

His son was around seven or eight years old and was starting to lose his baby teeth in preparation for the arrival of his permanent set. He, too, was missing his two front teeth, and the gummy smiles of father and son were very funny to witness when they sat side-by-side.

While we explained to the father that dental implants would offer him a very effective solution, the young son was hugely interested in what we had to say, and wanted to know how they worked.

He was very taken with the dental model we showed him, which clearly demonstrated how the implants worked. The replacement teeth are not the elements that are ‘implanted’. Instead, a narrow titanium screw is fixed deep into the jawbone, and them a replacement tooth is affixed to it.

 The young son wanted us to fix his own gap in this manner, but we explained to him that Mother Nature would sort this for him over the coming months – completely free of charge!

For Dad, however, he was facing the cost of a double implant. He was initially concerned with the price of the procedure, but was very much reassured when we told him that dental implants cost a fraction of what they used to, as the process has become far more streamlined at modern dental practices like MyDental.

He was also thrilled to learn that he could spread the cost over three, six or nine months with our 0% Dental Finance Plan – without incurring a single cent in interest.

He was also very comforted when we explained that his new dental implants would never move out of place, so he could enjoy complete and utter confidence in any social or business situation. We’ve all heard those horror stories of people with dentures being left red-faced when they moved while smiling or eating.

Dad was also pleased to find out that there is no special maintenance regime for dental implants (unlike dentures, which have to be taken out regularly for cleaning). You just brush and floss as normal, and if you do so, your implants should comfortably last you a lifetime.

A further benefit that we outlined to him was that the new implants would be indistinguishable from his normal teeth. We can file and colour the replacement teeth so that they exactly match the surrounding teeth. Even a professional dentist would find it hard to spot the difference.

If you’re faced with the prospects of dental implants Dublin is an internationally renowned centre of excellence, so we strongly recommend that you have treatment locally rather than engaging in so-called ‘dental tourism’. Here’s a sobering article on this topic on the website of the Irish Dental Association – http://www.dentist.ie/latest-news/the-dangers-of-dental-tourism-.6556.html