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Tooth implants are your dentist’s best friends.

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Dental implants are the preferred option to dentures these days. And with good reason – here’s the full story.

As happens at this time of year, we had some visitors to the house recently, who came from what we might call ‘the older generation’. We spent a very pleasant evening in their company, and the conversation flowed easily – helped by the odd ‘glass of sherry’.

There were some great stories told about ‘the good old days’, but one, in particular, caught our attention. An uncle was talking about going to night clubs in Dublin during the seventies, and had us in stitches of laughter when he described how the ultra-violet light made everything seem that much whiter – from the shirt on your back to your dentures (should you be wearing false teeth).

It got us thinking about the differences between dentures and their modern-day equivalent - teeth implants. Apart from not giving the game away in a night club, the list of benefits includes the following:

• Dental implants are fixed permanently in place via a titanium screw that goes deep into your jawbone. This means that they won't slip out of place no matter what you get up to. Dentures, on the other hand, are prone to slip out of place if you eat something a little more challenging than usual, or if your laughter is particularly aggressive. In either case, level of the social embarrassment can be significant.

 • Implants are also very definitely more comfortable than dentures. This is because there’s no movement, so they can’t cause any form of chafing within your mouth. The vast majority of our patients tell us that they forget they're even wearing implants after the first couple of days have elapsed.

• Wearers of dentures will be familiar with the fact that you have to take them out each night for cleaning purposes. With implants, however, you just brush and floss your teeth as normal. With a modicum of care, your implants should easily last you a lifetime.

• The functional stability of implants is superior to that of dentures. What we mean by this is that you can bite into an apple or chomp on a steak, confident that the implant will do exactly the same job as the surrounding teeth. There’s no need to change your lifestyle in any way.

• The next benefit might surprise you – as it relates to cost. You might be tempted to think that this form of treatment is very expensive, but you’d be wrong. The cost has dropped significantly in recent times as the process has become much more streamlined. Also, when it comes to dental implants Ireland is an excellent place to have your treatment, as you’ll enjoy a fantastic level of care and after-sales service.


Which is best for me – implants or dentures?

There’s no simple answer, and it really does depend on the needs of the individual. Why not drop into the surgery and let us discuss your options with you, completely without obligation.

Meanwhile, you can find out more on this topic at the ever-helpful Dear Doctor website - http://www.deardoctor.com/inside-the-magazine/issue-21/dental-implant-maintenance/