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Restore your smile thanks to affordable dental implants.

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If you’re in the unfortunate position of having lost some of your teeth, there’s an option that’s much more attractive than dentures. Find out all you need to know about dental implants right here.

Thankfully, improved levels of dental health mean that loss of teeth is a relatively infrequent occurrence. Dentists can work wonders, of course, but the ordinary person is much better informed of how to look after their teeth.

Also, there has never been so many products on the market to help us keep our pearly whites exactly as we want them. But what if you’re one of the unfortunate few who have lost teeth – either through dental disease or perhaps an accident?

For many people, the impermanence of dentures – and a certain social stigma about them – means that they yearn for a better solution. And that’s where dental implants come into play. They’re an affordable way to replicate all the appearance and structural integrity of your normal teeth/

And not alone do they restore the look of your teeth – they also work wonders for your confidence. You can flash your biggest smile or tuck into the toughest steak – safe in the knowledge that your new implants look, feel and behave exactly like real teeth.

What are they and how are they put in place?

People often think that the replacement tooth is actually fixed into your bone, but this is not the case. They need a better fixing point, so the first part of the process is that the dentist inserts a tiny ‘stake’, and the replacement tooth is fitted neatly over this.

This tiny stake is implanted directly into the bone, so it has a very firm anchor that will support the new tooth through thick and thin. If you take good care of the new dental implant, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get a lifetime of wear from it.

You’re not forced to accept a standard size and format of implant, which is one of the great benefits of this type of treatment. Rather, your dentist can colour it and shape it so that it’s an identical match to your existing teeth. None of your friends or family will know your secret – unless you decide to share it with them.

Dental implants are not just used to replace a single missing tooth. In cases where multiple teeth are missing, an implant can provide the point of contact for a bridge, so that there’s no need to lean on the neighbouring teeth for strength and support.

Who can have implants? 

As a broad, general rule, your dentist will only opt for this treatment if you have a relatively high level of dental health, with a small number of teeth missing, at most.

The teeth may be lost due to something like periodontal disease, or perhaps a sports injury if you neglected to wear a mouth guard. But whatever caused the loss, implants are a highly effective treatment.

Our dentists here at MyDental specialize in dental implants, and have carried out this highly effective treatment hundreds if not thousands of times.

Are they really that effective?

Don’t just take our word for it – our patients are the final judge of whether they wok or not. We get fantastic praise and feedback when they walk out of the surgery with their new implants, to all intents and purposes exactly like they were before they lost the teeth.

What do they cost?

Teeth implants prices are way lower than you might have expected, and our full price list for all treatments is right here if you’d like to check it out (http://mydental.ie/mydental-price-list/)

Some people, of course, are tempted to seek out cheap dental implants abroad, and we’re sure you’ve seen the press ads promising you all sorts of miracles at discounted prices.

Before you go down this road, however, you might like to read what the Irish Dental Council has to say on this topic. (http://dentalcouncil.ie/files/Choosing%20your%20Dentist%20Home%20or%20Abroad%20-%20Guidance%20%28final%29%20-%2020101206.pdf)