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Only genuine April Fools would neglect their teeth!

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Some things are beyond joking - and dental care is one of them. Here are some tips on taking your teeth more seriously for the rest of the year.

A number of years ago, we read one of those spoof articles that appear throughout the media on April 1st. They’re usually written in a completely deadpan manner, and the ‘joke’ is only revealed in the final few lines. 

This particular article was suggesting that one of the German discounters (you know who they are) was selling complete sets of teeth for just €29.99. The articles suggested that, for people who were ‘dentally challenged, they could buy a ‘one size fits all’ set of gnashers and insert them in seconds.

We’re not total curmudgeons, so we laughed a little at the nonsensical April Fools piece, but shortly afterwards, we began to ask ourselves if the article was actually hinting at something more serious and deep-rooted.

Your teeth are not disposable

What we’re talking about is the tendency for people in today’s disposable society to believe that you can always buy a replacement for the various ‘goods’ that you might wear out – anything from your phone to your TV set or our car. 

In the world of consumer durables, this attitude is not too worrying, but if we apply it to our teeth, we see the problem that emerges. It’s really important to understand that your teeth were meant to last you a lifetime, so you shouldn’t have a cavalier attitude that suggests you can have any problem fixed by the miracle of modern dentistry. 

It’s certainly true that your MyDental dentist can address just about any problem you care to mention – but wouldn’t it be better still if you didn’t have to visit him for major work such as dental implants (also known as teeth implants), for example. 

We’ve written here on many occasions about the process of dental implants – and how successful the procedure is in replacing those missing teeth. 

It’s time to get serious about your dental care regime

But today, April 1st, we’re concentrating instead on reminding you once again that it’s absolutely possible to go through a lifetime with little more than your regular checkups and clean-ups from your dentist – assuming you're really serious about your dental care regime. 

Remember that the two most common diseases in the world are disease and tooth decay. Paradoxically, however, they’re also among the most easily prevented diseases in the world – all it takes is a toothbrush and paste, plus some dental floss or interdental brushes. 

Once you have these – and are not slow to use them on a regular basis, there’s really no need to be contemplating any major work by your dentist. 

A dental care regime is ridiculously cheap. 

And if you’re looking for a little extra incentive to keep your teeth as nature intended, look at how little it costs for toothpaste and dental floss when compared to teeth implants prices, for example. 

Surely that dental implant cost would be better kept in your pocket and used for some of the things you really want. 

So why don’t we look at April 1st as the start of a brand new month – and the start of a brand new regime of superb dental care. An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure, so lets get busy on preventing any serious dental treatment over the years to come. 

One final point – we never joke about our fees!

If you do have to visit us for any major dental treatment, we want you to know in advance what it will cost you and display our fees clearly around the surgery and waiting room. 

We fully subscribe to the Irish Dental Council’s code of practice in this regard – you can check it out here - http://www.dentalcouncil.ie/displayoffees.php