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Teeth implants are more affordable than ever these days.

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If you lose a tooth for any reason, you have a number of options open to you. Here’s the full story.

From talking to our vast social circle, one thing is certain. We’re absolutely fed up to the teeth with coverage of the U.S. election, which has been going on for roughly two years at this stage.

Thankfully, there’s always something to take our mind off the woes of the world – and the fact that the U.S. has taken a slightly offbeat course in its journey to re-find itself.

And one of the great ‘reliefs’, of course, is sport. The weekend ahead, as we write this blog, is a great opportunity to get stuck into something that we actually like – and that brings a smile to our faces.

Our soccer team takes on Austria in a vital World Cup qualifier, while our rugby boys will tackle Canada in the Aviva. And if a joust with Canada seems like a bit of a let-down after the heroics against the All Blacks last week, it's really just an opportunity for us to catch our breath before we take up the cudgels again against the New Zealanders next weekend.

Last week’s historic win has given the nation a tremendous lift. It's strange how a so-called minority sport can eke its way into our collective psyche and generate so much pride and passion.

And we had much to be proud of. The skill of our team was very much in evidence, of course. Five brilliant tries are testament to that. But equally important was the sheer courage and bloody-mindedness of the Irish team.

Some of the collisions were of epic proportions, and it seemed unbelievable that players got back to their feet after some of these titanic hits. Not for the first time, we worried about the physical safety of rugby players – and particularly the safety of their teeth, which are so open to collisions.

The players all wear gumshields, of course, but there is still the capacity for serious jaw or dental damage, such is the severity of the impact. Here in the MyDental surgery, we regularly have to ‘pick up the pieces’ on Monday morning for sportsmen and women who have lost a tooth or two through sport.

This can be anything from going over the handlebars of a mountain bike to getting a stray elbow in the gob during a ‘friendly’ game of five-a-side.

When this happens, there are a number of options open to the patient, including bridgework or dentures. More and more, however, patients are opting for teeth implants to fill in that unsightly gap.

It’s a more permanent form of solution than dentures, as the fabricated tooth is fixed firmly to the jawbone via a titanium screw.

This means that it’s impossible for it to slip out of place while eating, talking or laughing. It’s also much more comfortable than dentures – again due to the fact that it doesn’t move, so there’s no nasty friction.

When we mention the prospect of an implant to some of our fallen sporting ‘warriors’, they often tend to think that this will cost them a fortune. This is very wrong. If you're in the market for dental implants Ireland offers very affordable treatment. And nowhere is this more true than here at MyDental.

So if you’ve come up against an All-Black, or just lost a tooth from playing with your pub team, give us a call and we’ll get things sorted in double quick time.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to know more, here’s an article that’s well worth reading. It’s on the topic of staying at home for treatment rather than going the dental tourism route - http://www.dentist.ie/latest-news/the-dangers-of-dental-tourism-.6556.html