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Teeth implant prices have never been lower.

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The problem of missing teeth no longer means that you have to go the dentures route. With dental implants, you can have a solution that’s every bit as good as the real thing.

It’s surprising how many people we come across who have a relatively good level of dental health – but may have a tooth or two missing – possibly from an accident or perhaps as a result of some form of periodontal disease in the past.

If the missing tooth happens to be hidden away towards the back of your mouth, then there’s every chance that it may not be visible to the causal observer. If the gap is towards the front, however, then it simply ruins your smile and is very evident every time you flash your pearly whites.

More popular with patients than dentures.

Up till relatively recently. Most people missing a single tooth – or multiple teeth – might have been tempted to go down the dentures route. And while it was an acceptable option for many, ‘false teeth’ could never really live up to the demands that you'd place on your normal teeth

Wearers frequently complained that they could slip at the most inopportune time, while others  felt that they couldn’t be relied upon for regular daily tasks such as biting into a crisp apple.

Thankfully, dental technology has caught up with the problem, and teeth implants – also known as dental implants – are a fantastic and cost-effective solution.

Not alone do they restore all the functionality of the missing tooth, but the impact on the confidence of the wearer is massive – we hear it everyday from our implant patients.

Can you explain what a dental implant is.

First of all, let’s put one of the most prevalent misconceptions to rest. A dental implant is not a form of tooth that’s ‘stuck’ into your bone. Instead, think about it as if you wanted to build a fence.

You would first place some stakes into the ground – as a support – and then build the fence onto these stakes. Dental implants work in a similar fashion, The implant involves a form of tiny stake that’s fixed into the bone, and a replacement tooth is fixed onto this.

This delivers a very strong solution, and you need have absolutely no fears as to how much you can trust your new implant. It has all the full range of functionality of your normal teeth and will be totally at home chomping into a steak or biting into a big juicy apple.

Will it look different to my existing teeth?

Very definitely not. Your dentist can shape the replacement so that it's a perfect match for the teeth around it. He can also ensure that it matches the surrounding teeth in terms of colour, so nobody will spot the difference when you’ve walked out of our surgery with your implants in place.

In general, your dentist is likely to recommend this form of treatment only when you have a relatively decent state of dental health, but with those one or two missing teeth to contend with.

What about teeth implants prices?

The good news is that teeth implants are a lot more affordable than you may think. You can check out the prices right here -  (http://mydental.ie/mydental-price-list/)

Getting your dental implants here at MyDental is a far better option than seeking out cheap dental implants abroad. The price you may be quoted abroad can be cheaper than our prices, but when you factor in our quality, our service and our affordable 0% Dental Finance Plan, you’ll very quickly see where the real value is.

And don't forget that you’ll have to factor in travel and accommodation costs if you're to make a fair comparison – not to mention subsistence costs when you're away from home.

The Irish Dental Association have strong views on the topic of dental tourism, and you can find out more about the pitfalls in this article - http://www.irishhealth.com/article.html?id=11282