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Dental implants are the art of the possible for dentistry.

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If you think you’ll never have the smile you want, maybe it's time to think of implants? Here's why.

We ran into a former neighbour of ours recently and she was simply gagging to tell us her big news. This neighbour – let’s call her Mary for the sake of this blog – had never been blessed with good teeth. In fact, due to a combination of factors, she had lost over eight teeth, and the vast majority of the remainder were filled, damaged, or just not looking great.

This particular woman takes a tremendous pride in her appearance, and is always dressed and coiffed to perfection whenever we bump into her. This made it particularly difficult for her to accept the state of her teeth, and though she’d never confided in us in the past, it turned out that she’s lived a lifetime of shame regarding her teeth.

She rarely smiled, and always put her hand over her mouth when a smile did eventually break out. Anyway, let’s get to the point of our story. She’d eventually plucked up the courage to visit her dentist and tell him that she wanted to start from scratch.

By this, she meant that she wanted to explore what option might be open to her if she wanted to have the sort of magazine-style smile that she could be proud of. And because she’s recently come into a bit of money, she was in the happy position of telling her dentist that money wasn’t a problem (within reason).

The suggestion from her dentist was quite drastic. He suggested that she have all her teeth removed, and replaced by dental implants. This would mean wearing dentures for a number of months while her gums fully healed (although laser treatment would move the process along in the short-term).

But the eventual prospect held out before her was that she would have an absolutely perfect smile – something that she’d never had in her entire life. We asked her what would the dental implants cost, and she told us the total. It was quite a competitive price, but we assured her she could do better with MyDental – and also have the option of spreading her payments over three months, six months or nine months.

As she lives in the Midlands, however, we forgave her for placing her business elsewhere! That said, however, if she’d been looking a little closer to home for dental implants Dublin would have given her a bigger level of choice, with some excellent dentists plying their trade in the capital.

Out of professional interest, we asked her why she wanted to opt for implants versus dentures and she told us that it was primarily a matter of confidence. She couldn't countenance the prospect of dentures slipping out of place in a social situation – maybe while laughing or eating.

Anyway, we wished her well with her treatment and asked her to text us a photo of the finished job – so we could give it our expert imprimatur!

Like Mary, we’re totally confident that the job will be worth every penny, and that it will give her a level of social confidence that will make the cost pale into insignificance.

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