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Tooth implants could be just the job for your damaged smile.

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Here’s a little more detail on the difference between dentures and dental implants.

We had a very high level of interest in yesterday’s blog, when we wrote about a former neighbour of ours who was taking the radical step of having all her teeth removed and replaced with tooth implants.

We got all sorts of texts and emails, plus a few calls to the office, and the common thread that ran through them all was a level of surprise that such a comprehensive solution was possible – and not involving dentures.

We probably skipped through the procedure a bit yesterday, so let’s slow things down a little and point out what a tooth implant (or dental implant, as it's also known) entails.

A lot of people are under the mistaken impression that a tooth is directly implanted into the gum, but such a procedure would have no structural integrity and would quickly fall out.

Instead, your dentist drills a small hole into the jawbone, and into this, he fixes a titanium screw which acts as a form of ‘stake’ for a replacement tooth that he’ll place on top of this screw.

But why go to this much trouble, you might ask, when dentures would do the job just as well? Well there’s no doubt that dentures are the preferred treatment for many happy patients, but an increasing number are opting for dental implants.

The biggest reason relates to the permanence of the solution. Because the implant is screwed into place, your new tooth (or teeth) are simply never going to slip out of place and embarrass you in public.

This give you a lot of social confidence, and your implants behave pretty much behave exactly as your normal teeth do. And whether you bite into an apple or chomp on a steak, you can be one hundred per cent certain that they’re simply going nowhere!


Another big plus of this form of treatment is that the cost of dental implants has dropped so much in recent times that they are a highly affordable option for the vast majority of people. And remember that there’s no need to shell out for all your treatment at once. Instead, you can avail of our 0% dental finance plan, which lets you spread the cost over three months, six months – or even nine months.

And one more thing that patients like about implants is that look exactly like your existing teeth. Your dentist can file and shape the replacement tooth till it's exactly the same as the one it replaced – and can even colour it till it matches the shade of your existing smile.

Once your implant is fitted, there is no special maintenance plan. You simply brush and floss as normal. ~And unlike dentures, of course, you don’t have to take out your implants to wash them!


So if we’ve whetted your appetite as to how cheap dental implants are these days and you'd like to explore the topic in slightly more depth, here’s an excellent online article that we recommend to you - http://www.rdhmag.com/articles/print/volume-33/issue-9/features/focus-on-implant-home-care.html