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Tooth implants cost so little, you’d be mad not to.

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Paying for dental implants is an investment in yourself. Here’s why.

Whenever we talk about things like dental implants or other forms of cosmetic surgery, we always tend to assume that the patient in question is looking for perfection, and wants things to be sorted in a way that will give them a perfect smile.

But here’s an exception to that general rule. It concerns, Gary Busey, who you probably know to be one of the more outspoken and outrageous denizens of Hollywood. And if you can’t quite place the face, let us remind you that he’s starred in movies like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Point Break, Lethal Weapon, Predator 2 – and a whole host of others.

Busey was a very keen motorcyclist, and back in 1988, he had a pretty bad accident that caused a lot of damage to his face and teeth. Faced with the prospect of having his teeth sorted, he eschewed the obvious course of action – return them to normal – and opted instead to have a set of oversized front teeth fitted.

It certainly worked for him in terms of his career, as those big teeth have become very much of a trade mark for him over the years, and added to his often-fearsome appearance on screen.

For most of us, however, dental implants and other forms of cosmetic dentistry are used in more conservative ways. And it's worth pointing out that the number of people having implants fitted these days is rising at an incremental rate. This is partially because dental implants cost more affordable than ever – mainly thanks to a greater sense of streamlining in the modern dental surgery.

But the popularity of implants is also down to the fantastic job they do in filling in a gap in a smile. The most obvious comparison would be dentures, but when you compare the two, you can quickly see why implants are rapidly taking over.

For starters, implants are fixed in place using titanium screws in the jawbone. This means that your implants will never slip out of place in the way that dentures sometimes do, meaning that you can have a lot more confidence in social or business situations.

And the permanent fixing of implants also means that they're far more reliable when it comes to eating. Even the toughest of steaks will not shift your implants, whereas dentures sometimes slide out of place when they come up against a foodstuff that proves too tough for them.

Another reason relates to aesthetics. Implants tend to look a lot more natural than dentures, and your dentist can colour them and file them so that they exactly match the surrounding teeth. Nobody will even know you’re wearing them unless you choose to confide in them.

And in case you’re thinking that you might like to source your treatment overseas, you’ll be pleased to hear that when it comes to dental implants Dublin is highly competitive – and offers a level of after-sales service that’s second to none.

If you think that 2017 is the year when you’ll finally get around to sorting your smile and would like to research this topic in greater detail, here’s a handy article to get you started - http://www.rdhmag.com/articles/print/volume-33/issue-9/features/focus-on-implant-home-care.html