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Tooth implants offer exceptional value these days.

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Very few investments in yourself pay off as handsomely as dental implants. Here’s why.

Nothing seems to get our readers more excited than the prospect of great value for money. This is evident by the number of responses we got to yesterday’s blog, when we spoke about the power of tooth implants to solve the problem of an unsightly gaps – at great value for money.

Judging by the texts and emails you sent us, it seems very obvious that cheap dental implants is something that interests many of you. It seems to be a bit of a paradox – cheap implants – as you may well have thought that this is a form of dental treatment that might cost you rather a lot.

This is not true. The fact of the matter is that the procedure has become very streamlined in modern dental surgeries like MyDental, so the prices have tumbled accordingly. And if affordability is still an issue, well then why not opt for our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

This means that there’s no need to shell out for your treatment all at once. Instead, you can opt to spread the cost over three months, six months or nine months. This can be very handy when your treatment comes at expensive times of the year – such as Christmas.

Another reason why the cost of dental implants has come down to such a degree is that there’s a huge level of competition in the market. This is fantastic for consumers, as you can choose any number of great dentists in the Dublin region – including MyDental, of course – and still be certain of getting excellent value for money.

And of course, when you're discussing value, you have to ask yourselves how long the treatment will last for, and whether there will be any expensive forms of maintenance. In the case of implants, you can be rightly confident that your new implants can last as long as a normal tooth. And all you have to do to maintain them is treat them like your normal teeth, i.e. brushing them and flossing them a couple of times a day at a minimum.

Also, when considering the value on offer, you have to ask yourself how much your smile means to you. If, like most people, you show yourself to the world through your smile, then it makes sense that this is one of the more important cosmetic aspects of your life. All of us want a lovely, straight and white smile that we can show off as many times a day – whether in social or business circles.

The bottom line is that very few investments in yourself can stack up as well as dental implants. So why not do the sums for yourself – and then decide that you can truly afford those dental implants in the New Year.

Meanwhile, if you're interested in this topic and want to do a little more digging, here's a great place to start your search - http://www.rdhmag.com/articles/print/volume-33/issue-9/features/focus-on-implant-home-care.html