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Why dental implants cost so little.

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A short lesson about the effectiveness of dental implants. It's all here.

You have probably heard us comment on a number of occasions that dentistry is very similar to engineering. Indeed, many of the exact same principles apply. A cantilever bridge, for example, could refer to a dental project or an engineering project with equal accuracy.

This thought sprang to mind last week when we took our first ever journey through the magnificent Dublin Port Tunnel. Although it's been there for years, we simply never had a reason beforehand to take this wonderful shortcut.

It’s the biggest ever civil engineering project in the history of the Irish State, and only the Ardnacrusha Dam on the River Shannon back in the 1920s comes near to it in terms of ambition and scale. It’s actually the longest urban road tunnel in Europe, and employed over 5,000 people at its peak.

And thought you might not know it as you zip along its course, you're actually about 7 storeys underground for much of your journey.

But here’s the most relevant point that occurred to us as we drove through it. Despite its size, it’s a very simple idea. You simply join two points by boring a tunnel underground.

This same brutal simplicity is often applied in dentistry. Take the field of dental implants, for example. The problem of replacing missing teeth had long been solved by dentures, but eventually, a very bright dentist came up with the idea of boring a hole into the jawbone, and using a titanium screw as a kind of anchoring post to link a fabricated tooth to the jawbone. It’s brilliantly simple – but brilliantly effective. Just like a great engineering project!

It’s almost hard to believe that there was ever a time when implants didn’t exist, but isn’t that always the way with great new inventions or breakthroughs?

Apart from the engineering smartness of implants, they also offer a number of important benefits to the wearer. Because they’re fixed in position, they simply can’t slip out of position when you're talking, laughing or eating. So there’s simply no danger of an embarrassing social moment.

They’re also way more comfortable than dentures – again due to the fact that they’re fixed into position so there’s no chafing or movement to annoy you.

And even better is the fact that dental implants behave exactly like your normal teeth when it comes to eating all your favourite foods. You can bite into an apple or tackle a steak with complete peace of mind. Your implants simply won't let you down.

Despite the fact that they represent a huge breakthrough on the part of modern dentistry, dental implants cost a lot less than you might think. The process is very common and very streamlined these days, so we can afford to pass on the time savings to you in the form of your final bill.

If you happen to be in the market for dental implants Dublin is a wonderful place to start your search, as it's home to some very talented and very friendly dentists – including the guys here at MyDental, of course.

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