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Teeth implants are the secret to a showbiz smile.

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There’s no need to put up with a smile you're ashamed of. A solution is right in front of your nose – and yes, you can afford it.

When the kids are eventually bludgeoned to sleep, we like nothing more than settling down for an hour or two in front of the telly. We’ve never been great lovers of ‘junk TV’, but prefer to broaden our knowledge and perspective a little by watching documentaries.

And in the last week or so, we struck absolute pay dirt in the form of an absolutely stunning documentary from the BBC on the last five years of the life of David Bowie.

Broadcast just a few days before the first anniversary of his death, the documentary was full to the brim with previously unseen footage, along with audio interviews that had not been previously aired.

For Bowie fans – or music fans in general – it was the rarest of rare treats, and did justice to the memory of one of the most iconic, creative and complex geniuses of our time.

Bowie always struck us as the ultimate chameleon – someone who could change his look and his sound almost at will. You only have to look at photos or YouTube footage of the maestro over the years to see how much he changed.

And one of the most noticeable ways in which he changed related to his teeth. We frequently envision him, in the mind’s eye, with those tell-tale prominent incisors, but later in life, he had gone down the cosmetic dentistry route and sported a classically shaped set of teeth.

It provided proof, if proof were needed, that the shape and form of our teeth is one of the ways in which we can control how we appear to the world.

And it's not just demi-Gods like Bowie who resort to this form of reinvention. Every year, we have hundreds of people come into our surgery and tell us that they’re eventually ready to have the look they’ve always wanted.

Frequently, this can involve things like replacing missing or badly damaged teeth with teeth implants. It’s a form of dental intervention that can make an absolutely staggering difference to the quality of your smile – without some of the downside associated with other forms of dental replacement, such as dentures.

One of the more common problems associated with dentures is that they’re prone to slip out of place at times. And usually, of course, it's at the most inopportune moment – like when you’re laughing out loud at a party, or making a presentation to an important client.

Because implants involve a titanium screw fixed permanently into the jawbone, this is very definitely not something that can happen when you opt for this solution.

Another bit of good news relating to implants is that you don’t need Bowie-like earnings to afford them. The price has dropped very significantly in recent years due to a more streamlined approach by surgeries such as our own.

And remember that you can spread the cost over multiple months thanks to our 0% Dental Finance Plan. In this way, it won't cost you a cent in interest for the privilege of opting for three months, six months or nine months.

It’s also good to know that if you’re thinking of dental implants Ireland is a great place to look for treatment, as it's home to some of the best implant specialists in the world.

This means that there’s absolutely no need to go down the very iffy dental tourism route, as outlined in the following article - http://www.dentist.ie/latest-news/the-dangers-of-dental-tourism-.6556.html