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Tooth implants change how you interact with the world.

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There’s never been a more affordable time to opt for dental implants. Here’s why.

It’s funny what you see when you're looking out for it. If you’ve just bought a brand new 2017 car for example, you seem to notice every other 2017 registered car on the road.

Or if you’ve bought a gorgeous new dress for an upcoming party, you’ll spot another woman wearing the same dress from a mile away.

Why do we mention this? Because someone recently mentioned in the office that there are more and more people out there these days who are slow to smile as a result of imperfect teeth.

We decided to put this theory to the test, so for a full day, we kept an eagle eye out for people who seemed to be remaining extra tight-lipped.

And guess what? It seems that our colleague in the office was absolutely right. We saw literally hundreds of people who had that telltale grimace in place all of the time. This is a genuine shame, because for the vast majority of people who are hiding their smile away, they have the option of tooth implants, which could completely transform their smile.

More than any other intervention, implants are the perfect long-term solution to restoring your smile. They represent one of the most important advances in the world of dentistry for the past four decades or more.

Typically, implants are made of titanium and other substances that are compatible with the human body. The actual implant is not a tooth (people sometimes get this wring), but is a sort of ‘post’ that’s surgically attached to the jawbone. This post is then used to anchor an artificial tooth into place permanently.

This is not a major procedure, although your dentist might recommend a diet of soft foods while it heals. When the implant has been put in place, the bone actually grows around it, holding it even more firmly in place. This process takes a number of months, but once it’s finished, you can have the replacement tooth (or teeth) attached to the implant.

These replacements are known as crowns, and are manufactured individually, which means that they exactly match the size, shape and colour of the old tooth – and your surrounding teeth.

In the early days of this treatment, the prices were rather high – as you'd expect with any revolutionary new breakthrough. These days, however, cheap dental implants are very much a reality on the Irish dental scene.

And when you consider that the cost of dental implants can be paid for over three months, six months or nine months, you can see that the treatment is more affordable than ever. Our 0% Dental Finance Plan makes this a reality – and won’t cost you a penny in interest payments.

So maybe 2017 will be the year when you finally stop hiding your smile from the world – and start to flash a great new smile at the world? If you'd like to research the topic in slightly greater detail, here’s a handy article to get you started - http://www.rdhmag.com/articles/print/volume-33/issue-9/features/focus-on-implant-home-care.htmlhttp://www.mydental.ie/dental-implants/