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Teeth implants are your insurance policy against gaps.

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Losing a tooth is no longer the end of the world. Here’s why.

If you’ve been keeping up on your rugby news, you’ll know by now that Joe Schmidt has announced his panel of 40 players for the opening games of the 6 Nations Championships.

And without doubt, one of the biggest talking points relates to the fact that he’s only included two-out-halves in the panel – Paddy Jackson and Jonny Sexton. This is potentially dangerous at any time, but when you take Sexton’s recent injury woes into consideration, it seems downright reckless.

The obvious third choice would have been one of MyDental’s favourite patients, Ian Madigan, who is plying his trade with Bordeaux these days. The IRFU have made it clear in the past that anyone who plays abroad runs the risk of being omitted from the squad, so perhaps this is no surprise.

When we read the news of Ian’s omission from the squad, it brought to mind our regular concerns for our top rugby stars – and the physical dangers they face every time they step onto a pitch.

The whole issue of HIA’s (Head Injury Assessments) has been covered extensively in the media, but what concerns us even more, as dentists, is the risk to the mouth and teeth area during some of those monumental collisions that seem to be so much a part of the modern game.

All the pros wear mouth guards, of course, but even so, there is a huge risk of doing damage to teeth if a head or an elbow collides with your mouth at full pace.

We remember, for example, Lyon’s Jérémy Gondrand, who ran into a spot of dental bother during his side’s game against Dax in the French Pro D2. Coming up to halftime, the unfortunate Gondrand was hit by a late tackle that left him writhing in agony on the ground. It soon dawned on him that the reason for the pain was the fact that he had lost four teeth, leading to the strange picture of the medical staff furiously searching for them on the pitch.

Thankfully, Monsieur Gondrand would have had access to excellent medical care on the spot, so we’re guessing that he went down the dental implant route after the match to replace those missing gnashers.

He’s not the only one looking to implants these days. This is because the typical tooth implant cost has dropped very significantly in recent times, mainly thanks to greater streamlining on the part of the modern dental surgery.

The bottom line is that implants are pretty much within the price range of anyone these days – particularly if you opt to avail of our 0% Dental Finance Plan. This lets you spread your costs over three months, six months or nine months – and you won’t pay a single cent in interest for the privilege!

So if you have a gap or two in your smile, why not resolve to drop in and talk to us about it? We think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised at the price we charge you!

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