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Teeth implants will last you a lifetime..

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When it comes to a decision between dentures or implants, the latter have some pretty compelling reasons to opt for them. 

Our profession like to think of ourselves at ‘dentists for life’. In other words, we’re absolutely delighted to take a patient through from their earliest dental needs to treating them in their old age.

And this poses some interesting challenges for us. For example, a treatment that may be recommended when someone is in their thirties may need to be replaced or upgraded when they reach their sixties.

Take the case of one of our more mature patients who visited us early in the New Year. We’ll call her Annette (because that’s her name!).

Quite a number of years ago, Annette had lost five of her front teeth in a cycling accident, and had them replaced by a tooth-supported bridge. The treatment was highly successful, and all went well for a few decades. Eventually, however, the bridge needed to be replaced, but the supporting teeth simply wouldn't support them anymore, thanks largely to age-related wear and tear.

This left Annette with quite a simple choice to make – dentures or implants. She asked us for our opinion on what the best route would be, and we spelled out the implications of either form of treatment.

Eventually, she plumped for teeth implants. And for a number of pretty compelling reasons. For a starter, she just didn’t look forward to a situation where she would be removing dentures every night to clean them. She much preferred to have a single cleaning regime, i.e. treating her implants exactly as she would treat her normal teeth.

She was also swayed by the fact that this would be the last time she needed to address this issue. The titanium screws and the fabricated crowns placed on top of them would last her the rest of her lifetime, so the decision was pretty easy in the end.

She also liked the fact that implants would never slip out of place, so she would be spared the embarrassment of her teeth moving out of place in social or business situations. Another factor that swayed it for her was that she could have her implants and replacement teeth fitted in a single day. She had wrongly assumed that there would be a period of a few days where she was without any teeth.

The cost element also proved quite persuasive. We were able to let Annette spread the cost over nine months with our 0% Dental Finance Plan – she could also have chosen three months or six months.

She now has her new implants in place, and over the course of time, the jawbone will row around the implants, making it an impossible bond to break. This process is referred to by dentists as osseointegration.

Another influencing factor for Annette was that when it comes to dental implants Ireland is an acknowledged centre of excellence, so she could be confident of top-class treatment.

If you think that you might like to emulate Annette and go down the dental implants route, then here’s a handy article to add to your research knowledge - http://www.dentist.ie/latest-news/the-dangers-of-dental-tourism-.6556.html