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A dental implant could be your smile’s salvation.

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Ever calculated the cost of an implant? We think it might surprise you – here’s why. 

We have to admit that we’ve never really had a head for economics. Sometimes it seems that no matter what happens in the world, economists will manage to extrapolate that this is a source of doom and gloom for Ireland.

But as our grandfather was fond of saying. “we’ve never died of winter yet”. In other words, we’re all still standing, despite the vagaries of the global economy, Brexit, Donald Trump, or whatever you're having yourself!

So when the business news comes on the telly at the end of the main news, our eyes tend to glaze over a little. This is particularly so when the topic turns to inflation. We’d always assumed that low inflation would be good for us, keeping down prices and making our few bob go that much further.

But on a recent bulletin of the news, some boffin was talking about the damages of negative inflation (prices actually dropping). He outlined all the reasons why this was a bad thing, but despite this, all we could think of was the prospect of getting a bang for our buck and enjoying some much-needed spending power.

In our own business, we’ve known about negative inflation for a long time. Because of greater efficiencies in modern surgeries like MyDental, prices have dropped very significantly in recent times.

And to illustrate this, just take a look at our tooth implant cost. We charge just €695 for a single implant, if you want the implant only. And for an implant and crown, we managed to bring it in for just €1, 395.

And remember that this includes a full tooth restoration, including any in-surgery meds that you might need, along with the titanium implant and abutment, plus the crown. Pretty good value, we think you’ll agree, especially when you consider the length of our professional time it takes, plus the cost of materials.

And in assessing the value of this deal, bear in mind that your new dental implant should last you a lifetime if you take good care of it. This doesn’t involve any onerous form of dental care – just brush and floss as normal and your implant will be just fine!

You should also consider just how much of a big deal an implant is when you have a gap in your smile. Nothing lets your smile down like a missing tooth, so by restoring your full complement of teeth, you're making a huge contribution to your own self-image and your level of social confidence.

Your new dental implant will also confer a number of powerful benefits that you wouldn't get with dentures, for example. Your implant will never slip out of place and embarrass you in public. Neither do you have to take it out at night to wash it!

So have a think about what an implant or two could do for you if you have a gap in your smile. And if you'd like to research the topic a bit more before you make the big decision, here's a handy article for you courtesy of the excellent Dear Doctor website -  http://www.deardoctor.com/inside-the-magazine/issue-21/dental-implant-maintenance/