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Dental implants are an affordable, for-life solution.

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Dental implants are one of the most versatile forms of treatment in the dental world. Here's why. 

With Ireland’s rugby team back in action this weekend against Wales, we found ourselves surfing the Net for news of Ireland’s team – and general gossip about the game.

In that fantastically random way that the Internet works, we accidentally came upon a hilarious ad. from Argentina which touched on our two favourite topics – rugby and dentistry!

The ad. campaign comes from the Ogilvy advertising agency, and is for Salsa beer. The ad. shows how Salsa beer has come up with a completely new form of dental implant for rugger buggers who lose a tooth during play.

The specially shaped implants allow the wearer to open a beer bottle in a jiffy. The ad. is produced in documentary style and is completely deadpan – but brilliantly funny. You can check it out right here, but beware that it might not be to your taste if you're a bit squeamish!


Here at home, the dental implants we fit at MyDental are a little more prosaic in nature, and tend to be rather low on the bottle-opening scale of excellence.

That said, we provide an exceptional level of service when it comes to filling the unsightly gap that a missing tooth leaves. And because dental implants cost so little these days, this form of treatment has become one of the most popular procedures that we carry out each day in the surgery.

The reason for the drop in prices in recent times is down to two key factors. First of all, there’s a huge level of competition in the market, and this is always good for the consumer, as it inevitably tends to drive down prices.

The second reason relates to the greater levels of efficiency that are achieved by the modern dental surgery. Because we’re so used to carrying out the procedure and have a very streamlined approach in place, it takes us less time – and we can afford to charge accordingly.

As to how implants are fitted, it’s a surprisingly simple principle – but one that works brilliantly well. A titanium screw is fixed into the jawbone, and this provided the anchoring point for a fabricated tooth that sits on top of it.

The use of the fixing screw means that the implant will never slip out of place – like a denture – so there’s no danger of being embarrassed in public while you're eating or speaking.

And unlike dentures, of course, you don't have to take your implant out to clean it. Instead, you just brush and floss as normal, and this will keep your implant happy for a lifetime.

Another bit of good news is that if you happen to be considering dental implants Dublin offers a fantastic range of affordability and professional excellence. Surgeries like MyDental are not just friendly and welcoming professionals, but we are all about leaving as much money in your pocket as possible, and our prices reflect this.

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