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Teeth implants prices have never been lower.

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Forget about dentures – teeth implants are the way to go if you have a missing tooth or teeth!

It’s strange how some of us are vain about our hair or our clothes, while others wouldn’t set out from home without our makeup being just perfect, or our fancy watch dangling from our wrist.

But it seems that ALL of us are vain about our smile – and rightly so. Our smile is a big part of how we interact with the world, and it says much, much more than words ever can.

It makes perfect sense, therefore, that we all want our smile to reflect the best of us – and to look as perfect as is humanly possible.

And that’s why teeth implants – also referred to as dental implants – are such an important form of treatment for patients who may be missing a tooth – or perhaps a few teeth.

In the past, of course, this would have been a cue to go down the dentures route – and this was a perfectly acceptable treatment, with much to recommend it.

On the downside, however, denture wearers often found that they couldn’t quite trust their ‘false teeth’, and felt that they were liable to slip or move out of place at the most inopportune moment.

Tell me more about dental implants.

Enter the dental implant, then, and this problem has been completely solved. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s examine what exactly the treatment offers, and take a look at the main benefits.

Some people erroneously believe that it is a replacement tooth that’s directly fixed into the jawbone. Quite simply, that wouldn’t work. Instead, it’s a two-phase operation as follows.

First of all, your dentist places a miniature ‘stake’ into your jawbone, and this is the element that provides all the strength and durability. It’s sunk quite deep into the bone, so you can be sure it’s not going to go anywhere soon.

On top of this, your dentist then fixes the new tooth. It’s a simple construction process, but one that’s worked successfully for millions of people around the world. And in case you're worried that the tooth might slip off the stake when you bite into something, you need have no worries on this score. It’s held in place by a special form of dental cement. Once this has set, it forms a bond that is well-night unbreakable, so you can bite and chew with utter confidence.

Why should I consider implants?

  • First of all, they form a permanent solution – you don't have to take them out at night like dentures, and they simply won’t slip or move in your mouth.
  • Secondly, they seem to give a greater level of social confidence, as they look exactly like your normal teeth.
  • There is no special cleaning regime for your implants – just treat them like your normal teeth.
  • If you want to chew on a steak or bite into a big juicy apple, it's absolutely no problem. You can have complete and utter confidence in your implants.
  • Teeth implants prices have never been lower, as advances in dentistry makes this a much more streamlined process than in the past.


Don’t be fooled by the promise of cheap dental implants.

If you read the papers or listen to the radio, you’ll have come across advertisements for cheap dental implants overseas. You need to be wary if you're considering this route, as the real cost can be multiples of what's advertised.

You have to factor in travel, accommodation and subsistence, not to mention a possible second trip if there are any difficulties after the initial treatment.

Before making a decision in this regard, you might like to read this article on the Irish dental Assocation’s website –