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Dental implants are very much an affordable option.

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Dental implants are even better than the real thing when it comes to restoring the brilliance of your smile. Here’s why.



If you believe that breakfast is much more enjoyable on Saturday or Sunday, you’ll probably get the drift of today’s blog. And before you think that we’ve finally lost it, let us explain what we’re on about.

We happen to believe that people behave differently at different times of the day of the week. So while breakfast might be a hurried chore from Monday to Friday, it takes on the form of an absolute pleasure at the weekend.

And in our own walk of life, we see this ‘difference’ at work since we’ve started late evening opening. There’s something about the twilight hours that make our patients more relaxed – and more likely to share their stories with us.

As a general rule, they're not rushing back to the office or the classroom, so they tend to take a little more time to chat to us about WHY they want treatment as opposed to just focusing on WHAT they want.

As an example of this, we had a wonderful young man of around 25 in with us last month, who asked us to give him his options in terms of sorting out a bottom row of teeth which were all pretty much in distress of some form or another.

As he relaxed in the chair, he told us that as a very young child, he had an incurably sweet tooth. And rather than wean him off his daily overdoses of sugar, his parents had pandered to his craving for chocolate.

As a result, by the time he reached about thirteen or fourteen – when he had enough sense to take care of his own health and wellbeing – a lot of the damage was done and he had a bottom set of teeth that were a constant embarrassment to him.

He vowed that he would sort this as soon as he had the money, and now, just twelve months into a new job as an engineer, he had come to make good on his promise.

He was adamant that he wanted implants rather than dentures, as he believed they offered greater comfort and greater social confidence, as they never slip out of place. That said, he believed that dental implants cost too much for his restricted budget, so he feared the worst as we gave him his options.

He was beyond thrilled when we told him that a full arch restoration (dentures over implants0 would cost him just €5,980 – a fraction of what he imagined he would have to shell out.

He grew even more excited when we explained to him that he didn’t have to pay us all at once. By availing of our 0% Dental Finance Plan, he could spread his costs over three months, six months – or even nine months! He chose nine months, without having to pay a single cent in interest.

The moral of this tale is twofold. First of all, it's never too late to solve a problem that’s been affecting you for years. And secondly, when it comes to dental implants Dublin is as competitive as anywhere for top-class, affordable treatment.

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