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Teeth implants prices continue to tumble.

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If your smile is hampered by a missing tooth or two, then we’ve got a solution that’s more affordable than ever.

There’s something about the modern world that makes us zoom in on any lack of perfection. We immediately spot that dent in our car, or that picture that’s hanging crookedly on our wall.

And when it comes to our smile, we can be equally critical. Every time we look in a mirror, we get a fresh chance to check that everything is perfect – and if there is a tooth or two missing, then we’re all but certain to bemoan the fact and want to do something about it.

In the past, this would very possibly have meant that we’d end up wearing dentures. And while this was an excellent solution for its time, it was not without its shortcomings.

People who wore dentures tended to complain that they couldn’t trust them fully. They were liable to move or slip when talking or eating – usually at the most embarrassing time, such as in a social setting.

Also, some dentures tended to look quite artificial, and were not in any way in keeping with the rest of the teeth.

Enter dental implants!

Thankfully, there’s a whole new solution to a missing tooth or teeth. They’re called teeth implants – also referred to as dental implants. And while some people mistakenly believe that this means implanting an artificial tooth directly into the bone, this is not quite the truth.

Instead, your dentist must apply a small stake into the bone, and this goes quite deeply into the bone. This means that there’s a permanent fixture in place, and it’s on top of this that your dentist [laces the artificial tooth.

Even better news is that your dentist can shape the replacement tooth so that it looks exactly like your normal teeth. He can even match the colour, so unless you care to share your secret with friends or family, it’s unlikely that they’ll know you’re wearing an implant.

Another big plus – versus dentures – is that you can be very confident when eating or chewing with an implant – in a way that dentures could simply not deliver. And even if you bite into a tough steak or similarly difficult food to tackle, your implants will simply not budge – you can trust them completely.

When you combine thee factor, it means that the wearer tends to have much more social confidence, and be completely trusting of the newfound smile.

This treatment can also be used in any part of your mouth – top or bottom, back or front.

And finally, to crown it all, teeth implants prices are extremely affordable. And they’re more affordable than ever if you avail of our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

Would I be better off getting cheap dental implants abroad?

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