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Worried about teeth implants prices? There’s no need!

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Here’s a method of replacing lost teeth that’s highly affordable and highly effective. Sounds too good to be true? Not a bit of it!

We tend to know intuitively that bright and beautiful teeth are a huge asset in modern life. Not only do they lend us a huge sense of self-confidence, but they also improve our quality of life in a variety of measurable ways, and they're also a hugely important asset in terms of our physical attractiveness.

But a healthy mouthful of teeth is not just about aesthetics. Numerous scientific surveys have found that they also have a big impact on our diet (what we can eat), our overall health, and our sense of mental well-being, something that becomes more and more important with each passing year as self-esteem issues can lead to depression and even worse!

If you;ve got healthy teeth right now, you can’t take them for granted. Because even if you treat them well and avoid gum disease or tooth decay, you can always lose a tooth – or teeth – through no fault of your own, such as in an accieent, for example.

And if such a loss took place in the not-so-distant past, the chances are that your dentist would be recommending a denture or a dental bridge. This treatment was absolutely fine – for its time – but it came with a number of built-in disadvantages.

One of the things yo expect from your normal teeth is that they shouldn’t move, but often this was not the case with dentures. And it seemed to be a case of Sod’s Law that they chose to move at the most inopportune or embarrassing of times.

So is there any alternative today?

Thankfully, the answer is yes. Modern-day dental implants – also known as teeth implants – are a much more effective solution, with a greater level of ‘dental engineering’ that’s designed to provide the sense of permanence that dentures lacked.

But first of all, let’s explain what a denture is. It’s not actually a tooth that’s fixed into your jawbone. As a structure, this would not be very robust. Instead, your dentist first plants a tiny ‘stake’ quite deeply into your bone. This provides the strength that you need to hold an artificial tooth in place.

It’s a simple idea, but it’s brilliantly effective. Just ask anyone who wears one!

What are the biggest benefits of dental implants?

  • You can rely on them completely. For speaking, for eating, for chewing – or for smiling!
  • Your dentist can match the new tooth with your current ones, in terms of size, shape and even colour.
  • Your MyDental dentist has carried out the procedure hundreds of times before, so it's a very streamlined process.
  • The good news is that teeth implants prices have come down drastically in recent times. And remember that you don't have to shell out the full amount when you get the treatment, You can chose to spread it over three, six or nine months with our 0% Dental Finance Plan.
  • The quality of dental implant work in Ireland is first class, do there’s no need to be lured into travelling abroad for those so-called cheap dental implants that you see advertised from time to time

There are huge risks in travelling abroad for dental treatment, not just in terms of the quality of the work, but also in terms of how difficult it can be to get after-sales service. You might like to check out this very sobering article on this topic on the website of the Irish Dental Assocation – http://www.dentist.ie/latest-news/the-dangers-of-dental-tourism-.6556.html