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Dental implants can restore that gleaming smile.

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Dental implants can be a wonderful solution to the problem of missing teeth – especially when you choose to pay for them with our 0% Interest Payment Plan. Find out the whole story right here.

For many people, the most disheartening form of dental problem is one that leads to an extraction or loss of a tooth for any reason. And in bygone days, dentures were the automatic answer to this problem. Today, however, dental implants are a fantastic solution to missing teeth.

They restore that full set of teeth to perfection, and with it, they restore the confidence of the patient, whether in a social or a business setting. They also restore the full range of ability to chew and eat, which is equally important.

What are implants and what is involved?

A lot of people mistakenly believe that a dental implant means that a tooth is fixed directly to the bone, but that’s not quite right. A replacement tooth needs something to give it a permanent fix – almost like a stake that you would use to erect a fence.

This tiny stake is implanted into the bone, and then the tooth is placed onto it, giving a very strong and very durable solution that should last you a lifetime if you take care of it properly.

One of the great advantages of an implant is that your dentist can shape it and colour it so that it’s a perfect match with your exiting teeth. It really is virtually impossible to spot the difference between an implant and the real thing.

You can have absolute confidence in your new implant – for anything from chewing a steak to biting into that big juicy apple. It’s every bit ad dependable – and possibly more so – than your normal teeth.

It’s worth mentioning that, in cases where there may be a need to replace more than one tooth, an implant may provide the point of contact for a bridge, so that it doesn't have to depend on neighbouring teeth for support.

Who are implants suitable for?

Normally, your dentist will only recommend implants if you enjoy a relatively good level of dental health – but perhaps with a tooth or two missing, leaving an unsightly gap in your smile – and in your confidence.

Quite frequently, the missing tooth may have been the result of an accident, or perhaps periodontal disease that wasn’t treated in time. But whatever the reason, an implant is a very effective treatment that is used time and again by our team here at MyDental in Dublin.

Will they really make that big a difference?

There is no doubt about it – our patients are usually thrilled to bits when they see how natural their new implants look – and how strong and dependable they feel. The smile on their faces says it all as they leave the surgery.

What about cost?

Teeth implants prices are a lot lower than you think, and you can check out our full price list right here (http://mydental.ie/mydental-price-list/)

And in case you believe that you might be better off seeking cheap dental implants abroad, it might be worth your while checking out the views of the Irish Dental Council guidelines on choosing a dentist abroad.

Among other things, they state that “If you are considering going abroad for dental treatment it is important that you are aware of what to expect and understand the possible risks involved. You should satisfy yourself that the benefits from possibly lower treatment costs contribute to providing a long-term solution to your dental problems.”


You can check out a more detailed view from the Irish Dental Council right here (http://dentalcouncil.ie/files/Choosing%20your%20Dentist%20Home%20or%20Abroad%20-%20Guidance%20%28final%29%20-%2020101206.pdf)