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Why should I clean my teeth?

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It's the most important part of your dental health regime, so why do so many of us neglect it from time to time? This might change your mind.

How would you respond if we asked you to name the two most common diseases in the world? Sounds like an easy question, right? But you might be surprised at the answer, because things like cancer and heart disease are relegated by the BIG TWO – gum disease and tooth decay.


It would also be fair to say that they are two of the most preventable diseases in the world, because with a regular and consistent oral care regime, there’s really no need to be suffering from either of these common conditions.


Both of these diseases are caused by the bacteria which are found in plaque. Therefore, it makes excellent sense that the more regularly you brush, the less plaque and the less harmful bacteria will follow.                                                


The bottom line is that attacking plaque is the most important part of your day-to-day toolkit. We’d never say that it's impossible to prevent ALL plaque by brushing alone, but if you could, you would never need a filling or suffer from gum disease.


Unfortunately, bacteria multiply so quickly that zero plaque will never be a realistic target, but every ounce of prevention you can muster is worth a ton of cure.


And remember how little it costs to brush your teeth regularly. A few Euros for a tube of toothpaste that will last for weeks, plus a toothbrush that you’ll probably pick up for less than a tenner. Compare that to a dental implant cost, for example, and you can see why it's easier to head off trouble in advance rather than end up with potentially costly treatment down the line.


As a general rule of thumb, by the time plaque or gingivitis becomes visible to your dentist, he can rightly assume that you haven’t tackled the plaque for anything up to a week.


You’ll probably counter by saying that you would never go a full week without brushing your teeth – but what if you're missing a particular area of your mouth where plaque is lurking?


This is why it's so important that you have a system in place for brushing your teeth, and that you get around to every inch of your mouth during the brushing process.


The main reason for missing plaque is that we tend to lose concentration in the brushing action, so may very easily omit a spot. And because we’re creatures of habit, we could easily miss it the next time as well. So next time you're brushing, remember those teeth implants prices and use them an incentive to brush properly.

You also need to ensure that flossing and interdental brushing are part of your regime, to get at those hard-to-reach areas where plaque loves to hide from normal brushing.


It might take a few extra minutes out of your day, but surely it's worth it to make sure that teeth implants prices are not something you’ll ever have to worry about?


The bottom line is that you should never be tempted to neglect what is THE most important part of your dental health regime – your daily brushing.


Take it from the experts; it's a lot cheaper than your typical dental implant cost!