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Dental Implants can restore that gleaming smile.

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Nobody likes to be in a position where they’re embarrassed by their smile – wither in a social situation or perhaps when looking to impress at an important business presentation.

So it’s heartening to know that, with the help of dental implants, there’s no need to suffer in silence and put up with a smile that’s less than perfect.

It’s a brilliantly simple idea – and one that can address a whole host of dental problems – sometimes merely cosmetic, and sometimes to prevent the sagging affect that a missing tooth can have on your cheeks.

How do dental implants work?

There’s a perception, in some quarters, is that a dental implant is a tooth that screws directly into the bone. This is not the case.

Think of the implant as the sort of stake that you’d use if you were erecting a fence. This stake is the piece that’s implanted into the bone, and on top of this, the new tooth is permanently fixed.

It’s a highly lasting and durable solution, and one that should last you just as long as your normal teeth. For a lifetime, in fact, if you care for them properly.

It’s also a brilliant way of accurately replicating a normal tooth, and simply nobody will know that you’ve had treatment carried out – unless you decide you want to share it with them.

The colour and shape of the new tooth will perfectly match your former teeth, and it really is a fabulous form of intervention in the case of a missing tooth – or teeth.

And once your dentist has fitted the dental implant, you can trust it completely – eating any foods that you want with complete and utter confidence. Those bug, juicy apples can be back on the menu again!

Another reason that your dentist likes to use dental implants is the fact that it can address the problem of multiple teeth missing, leaving an ugly gap.

In this instance, an implant provides a sort of an anchor structure for a bridge. Under normal circumstances, a bridge takes its support from the neighbouring teeth – but what if there are no neigbouring teeth?

Who are they suitable for?

As a general rule of thumb, an implant is the preferred treatment when there’s a reasonably good level of dental health, but there’s a single tooth missing, or maybe a small few.

Sometimes the tooth may have been lost on the sports field or in an accident, while in others, it could be lost due to severe periodontal disease. But no matter how you may have lost them, a dental implant is an excellent solution, and one that your dentist has carried out hundreds of times before.

It should be noted that this is a relatively painless procedure, and you’ll be fully anaesthetized throughout the entire procedure.

What difference will it make?

The difference that a dental implant can make is huge. It’s a lovely part of our job here at MyDental so see people living the surgery with their confidence in their smile fully restored.

When they return to us for their next check-up, we make a pint of checking that everything is in order with the implant, but this is only a formality, as there’s very little that can go wrong.

What about cost?

When you consider that the dental implant should last you a lifetime, it’s a very cost-effective form of treatment. But if you wish to make it even more affordable, why not avail of our 0% Dental Finance plan, which lets you spread the costs over a number of months and means that you don’t have to write one big cheque.

So next time you visit MyDental, why not ask us to discuss your options if you have a missing tooth – and also give you an indication of how affordable it is if you spread the costs.