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Dental crowns the perfect answer to that damaged smile.

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Dental crowns in Dublin are more affordable than ever – and work wonders to restore the smile that you’ve promised yourself. Here’s all you need to know.

Sometimes, when patients come into our surgery, we find ourselves talking about treatments that are relatively new to the market – anything from modern dental implants  to internal bleaching.

But for that again, we are equally likely to be talking about ‘old favourites’ – treatments that have stood the test of time and will probably be with us for many years to come.

We include dental crowns in this category – you’ll also see them referred to sometimes as tooth crowns. And as the name suggests, this is a form of treatment that’s used when you want place a brand new crown over an existing tooth – possibly as a result of discolouration, or possibly as a result of an accident. A crown is also called for very often after a root canal treatment.

Tell me more about how a crown works

The more common reason your dentist will opt for a crown is when a tooth is suffering from a very large cavity, and the tooth simply won’t bear a filling so big. The crown is used to cap the existing tooth, restoring the appearance and the strength of the original tooth.

Your existing tooth forms the ‘stake’ onto which the crown is fixed. It is pared down until the addition of the crown leaves the end result the exact same size as the old tooth.

And if you think that the crown could come loose from the old tooth, there’s no need to worry on that score. It’s stuck in place with a special type of dental cement. Once this has set, it forms a bond that simply won't give up on you – no matter what you may choose to eat afterwards.

Are crowns all the same?

No. The answer to that question is that crowns can be made from a number of different materials. In practice, however, the one that you're most likely to see in the Irish market is a porcelain crown.

In decades past, crowns contained an element of metal, and this resulted in the telltale metal ring that you saw between the tooth and the gum. As modern crowns no longer have metal, it's very difficult to spot a crown – especially when it’s professionally fitted by MyDental. The bottom line is that nobody will know your ‘secret’ unless you choose to share it with them.

Even better, it will behave and feel just like a normal tooth, so after a few days, you’ll forget that you're wearing it, and can talk, smile, laugh and eat with absolute confidence.

Are crowns expensive?

Again, the answer is no. Dental crowns in Dublin have got progressively cheaper here at MyDental, as the procedure has become more and more streamlined. And remember that, when you avail of our 0% Dental Finance, you can spread the cost over three, six or nine months – so there’s no need to write a singe cheque for your treatment.

And once your new tooth crown is in place, you’ll be simply amazed at how much of a difference it can make to your social confidence.

If you’d like to know more about the actual procedure – or check out what to expect after your treatment – you might like to check out this article from our friends at Colgate - http://www.colgate.com/app/CP/US/EN/OC/Information/Articles/Oral-and-Dental-Health-Basics/Checkups-and-Dental-Procedures/Crowns-Bridges/article/Crowns.cvsp