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Tooth crown prices have simply never been lower.

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Why put up with a problem tooth when the cost of sorting it with a dental crown is now so affordable. Here’s the full story on how to go about it.

We’ve always been highly impressed by people who work with their hands. Whether it’s a builder who can throw up a wall in just hours or a carpenter who can make light work of installing a fitted kitchen, we’re true worshippers of those hands-on skills that contribute so much to modern-day life – despite the fact that more and more people these days seem to be graduating from school or college with ‘virtual skills’.

We had cause to bring this thought to mind last week when we eventually gave up trying to fix a bracket for a 42-inch television, which obviously needed quite a level of support. Eventually, we rang ‘the man’, who arrived promptly in a ‘man van’, and within about fifty minutes, he’d drilled holes and fixed the mount in place in a manner that could only be dislodged by an atomic bomb.

Sometimes, you see, the solution can be about simple, practical ability rather than academic or theoretical brilliance. And here at MyDental, one of the most practical interventions that we make every single week here in the surgery is in the area of dental crowns – also referred to as teeth crowns.

Tell me more about tooth crowns.

It really is one of the simplest yet most effective dental treatments that you’re likely to come across. The name probably gives away the game, but a crown is simply a sort of ‘cap’ that fits over a damaged tooth – perhaps one with a very large filling that won’t hold any more, or maybe a tooth that’s been damaged as a result of an accident.

The existing part of the remaining tooth is filed back by your dentist, so that when the crown is placed over it, it will not be any bigger than the tooth it replaced. It’s a very permanent form of treatment, and you need have no fears that your crown might come loose if you bite into certain foods. This is because your dentist fixes it in place by using a special form of dental cement that sets to a super-tough and durable finish. It’s actually as strong as your normal teeth.

As a general rule, the crowns that you’ll find used in the Irish market are made of porcelain, but there are a number of different materials that can be used – depending on the particular needs of the patient.

What’s so good about dental crowns?

It may be a very simple form of treatment, but it's also a very practical one. Among the benefits are the following:

  • Because your dentist files the new ‘cap’ – and can even colour it to blend with your existing teeth – nobody will know you're wearing a crown unless you decide to share it with them. In bygone years, crowns were easily spotted by a telltale metallic ring that formed just where the crown met the gum. As metal is no longer involved in the manufacture of crowns, this is thankfully no longer the case
  • You can pretty much do anything with a crown that you’d do with your normal teeth. There’s no need to treat them with kid gloves, and you can trust them 100% when biting, chomping or gnawing on even the most formidable of foods.
  • They can transform your smile, which will have the knock-on effect of transforming your self-confidence.
  • When it comes to crown dental Dublin is a centre of excellence and offers very high quality of work overall.

What about cost?

Dental crown cost is a lot lower than you might be inclined to think, as the process is very much streamlined in our surgery. Tooth crown prices in general are lower, and here at MyDental, you also have the option to spread the cost over three, six or nine months – but incur no extra interest charges for the privilege.

If you’d like to know more about the subject of dental crowns, we recommend this article on the very excellent Know Your Teeth website - http://www.knowyourteeth.com/infobites/abc/article/?abc=C&iid=301&aid=1204