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Teeth crowns – the unsung hero of dentists everywhere!

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Humble teeth crowns may have been around for quite a while – but they’re as effective and affordable as ever. Here’s the full story.

Like half of Ireland, we watched the game against Georgia last night, and nearly died from excitement when Jon Walters scored what could be one of the most important goals ever in our illustrious soccer history.

And while the result was fantastic for us, the truth is that it was a fairly dismal game – especially in the first half. It was so bad, in fact, that we took to our usual activity of finding a dental analogy in the goings-on in the Aviva Stadium.

And one of the things that struck us about the match – from a dental point of view – was how few of the players wore mouth-guards of any description – unlike their rugby cousins.  

It’s so easy to have a head or a knee collide with your mouth – and one of the most common reasons we see in the surgery for providing teeth crowns to our patients is from accidents in general – and in particular, accidents on the field of play.

And that’s one of the key points about a dental crown – nobody will ever know you’re wearing one. So perhaps Jeff Hendricks or Shane Long or any of last night’s heroes are already wearing crowns – and we just don’t know about it.

Tell me more about teeth crowns.

Teeth crowns – which are also referred to as dental crowns – are a very simple yet very effective dental treatment that deals with a damaged or discoloured tooth which is letting the smile down.

In terms of what it is, its probably best described as a form of cap which your dentist fits over the damaged tooth. Before doing so, he first files down the damaged tooth, so that when the cap or crown is applied, it’s no bigger than the surrounding teeth. Your dentist can even colour-match the crown to your existing teeth.

You might be inclined to think that simply placing a cap over a tooth might not be that robust or permanent – but the opposite is the case. The new crown and old tooth are bonded together by a special form of dental cement. Once it’s hardened, simply nothing is going to shift it any time soon!

Are all crowns the same?

No – there are a number of different crowns on the market, although all of them do pretty much the same job. It’s simply a matter of horses for courses in terms of which one your dentist chooses. Zirconium crowns and porcelain crowns are the most likely you’ll come across in the Irish market.

Are they very expensive?

Very definitely not. The process here at MyDental has become so streamlined that we can make teeth crowns available to our patients at very affordable rates. And remember that you can avail of our 0% Dental Finance Plan, which lets you spread the cost over three, six or nine months.

Want to learn more?

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